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Cable Cargo Van Storage Designed for Efficiency

time saving tips for electricians - cable cargo van storage

Cable TV installers and technicians have a busy job, and their cargo van storage helps them stay efficient and effective. Organizing the cable equipment, tools, and supplies properly in your contractor van will help make the job easier, so you can get the work done faster.

Various types of cable installation have been going on for more than 40 years. Throughout that time, technicians have developed their own ways of organizational management, but Adrian Steel has made it easier all around.

Consider everything a cable installer carries for each job – ladders, spools of cable, tools, traffic cones, small parts, and emergency equipment. Having a place for everything, and everything in its own place helps the job go smoother.

Complete Cable Cargo Van Storage Solutions for Cable Technicians

Adrian Steel works with specialists in each industry to find out what they need in their commercial vehicle. The Cable TV trade package features a cargo area partition, cable and wire reel holders, open and divided shelving, small parts drawers, locking cabinets, and accessories including hooks, files, a hard hat holder and fire extinguisher. Everything you need to stay organized for your cable job can be contained in your van – right where you need it.

Ladders are used a lot in a cable job, and safely moving and storing the ladders is important. The new drop-down ladder racks from Adrian Steel make cargo van storage more efficient because the ladder stores outside your vehicle instead of inside.

The LoadsRite Ladder Rack is a popular choice for cable TV service because it also offers users the safety and convenience while loading and unloading ladders by lowering and raising the ladder from the roof to the side of the vehicle.

Customized Cable Cargo Van Storage To Fit Your Needs

Adrian Steel has the tools to make your service van the most organized and efficient tool you have. When your van is organized, you know what supplies you have, can find them easier, and can get the job done faster.

Sometimes, you may want to add extra components to your cable van. You can design custom storage solutions with a variety of modular shelves, cabinets, drawers, and cable holders. Whatever your storage needs, Adrian Steel can help you solve them.

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