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Commercial Nissan NV Cargo Van Long Part Storage Solutions

Nissan Long Part StoragePlumbers and contractors who have to transport ten-foot pieces of conduit or pipe on a regular basis have often dealt with securing those supplies on top of their cargo van, using tie-downs, bungee cords, or straps. They also had to deal with loading and unloading those parts in rainy or snowy weather, drying them off before they could be used.

The problem of long part storage was often increased when uneven road surfaces caused the load to roll or shift, sometimes denting or damaging the parts in the process. And, if not secured tightly, these parts could even come loose during a sudden stop or accident, rolling or being thrown dangerously from the van.

Long Part Storage =

Cargo Van Storage Solutions

There is a solution that many experts in the industry have come to appreciate. The Long Part Storage Kit keeps those long pieces inside the full size van, out of the weather. Imagine an extra box set down the middle of your van floor, securely holding long items. With nearly 65 square inches at each end, a lot of conduit or pipe can be secured by tie down straps.

Because it runs down the center of the full size van, it doesn’t take space away from your normal van storage drawers or van tool shelving that is installed along the walls. So, you’re not sacrificing storage space to use the Long Part Storage, you are actually maximizing your van storage potential.

Designed to fit Nissan NV vans, this cargo van storage solution is universal for longer items that need to be stored, transported, or hauled from the work site or job location.

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