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Upfit Your Sprinter Van with a Bulkhead, Shelving, and More

Adrian Steel is one of the most qualified names in van equipment for clients that wish to create a workshop on wheels. Your Sprinter van can turn into a fully outfitted work truck through the services of seasoned Adrian Steel distributors at locations near you.  Sprinter van accessories can transform an empty vehicle into one that’s outfitted for a great variety of different cargo transportation and commercial needs.  For years, many types of companies have turned to Adrian Steel for reliable service to provide the utilities necessary to perform everything from the transportation of materials to the creation of work-vehicles designed for on-the-spot customer service.

Sprinter Van Bulkheads

Sprinter van bulkheads are the first piece of equipment that should be considered when upfitting your work van. Some common reasons to upfit a Sprinter van with a bulkhead include:

  • Protecting the safety of the drivers from moving and shifting cargo
  • Providing a place to add accessories for organizing easy access to equipment and materials.
  • Providing a barrier to help with climate control: keeping your heat or A/C in the cab area.

Sprinter Van Equipment Storage

In addition, most work vans require equipment storage.  Sprinter van accessories include sprinter van shelving, storage modules, and more. Through mapping out the interior of your van, it’s possible to design the workspace in the most efficient way possible, and then implement the modifications through precise installation.  Some of the storage modules offered include fully adjustable shelving, heavy duty welded shelves, and locking cabinets that allow safe storage of sensitive goods. The last thing a business owner or van operator wants is any type of loose storage, especially when the cargo is expensive, dangerous, or essential to business operations.

Sprinter Van Ladder Racks

Yet more types of Sprinter van accessories include ladder racks, and further storage capabilities in the form of steel file-storage drawers.  Ladder racks that are installed on the roof of your Sprinter van are one of the most important accessories for any company that deals in areas of installation or construction, and it’s important for this modification to be highly reliable.  In addition, file storage capabilities are extremely important for the day-to-day functions of running a business and organizing paperwork.

Through these modifications, a trusted Adrian Steel distributor can ensure your company is fully prepared for every manner of professional task that it must tackle.

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