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Pickup trucks are the preferred vehicle for busy professionals, from construction workers to repair technicians.  These versatile and incredibly functional vehicles offer toughness, power, and utility to accomplish tasks quickly and effectively.


The most practical accessory for your truck is a tool box. Truck tool boxes are excellent for secure, weather-proof for virtually any pickup.  Of course, not all pickup tool boxes are created equal.  Quality, durability, and reliability are difficult to come by.  That’s why you need a pickup truck tool box from Adrian Steel.

Tool boxes from Adrian Steel offer the highest level of quality.  They are built to withstand years of use (Adrian Steel offers a 3-year, 36,000 mile warranty on installed truck equipment).  When you buy from Adrian Steel, you know you’re getting quality.  Our tool boxes are fully welded, ensuring strength and rigidity.  Our truck tool boxes are made from heavy-duty, diamond tread aluminum, making them extremely long-lasting.

Tool Box Features

Not only are our truck tool boxes heavy-duty, there are also a number of convenient features available.

  • Low-profile lid
  • Domed lid
  • Extra 45 degree bend
  • Double channel reinforcement
  • Bulb weather seal
  • Automotive push button rotary latch
  • Sliding, divided tray for storage
  • Full length rubber liner
  • and more (visit our page on pickup truck tool boxes for more info)

If you need access to the bed of your truck but still want a secure place to store valuables, a truck tool box from Adrian Steel is your answer.  Our units feature no-drill installation, are heavy-duty, and reliable.  The value that comes from purchasing a truck toolbox that is designed to outlast your vehicle will quickly become apparent the first time you use it.

Get the most out of your truck and your toolbox by purchasing one of the truck tool boxes from Adrian Steel.  For more information, visit us at or a distributor in your local area.

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