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Pickup Truck Toolboxes – Choose Quality That Will Last

Pickup Truck Toolboxes | Double Lid CrossboxQuality needs to be the first priority when choosing truck toolboxes. These toolboxes are subjected to the same harsh conditions as the pickups themselves, so they need to be just as strong and durable. Look for strong metal construction, weatherproofing techniques, security features and a warranty to ensure that the pickup toolbox will last for years to come.

Strong Metal Construction

It’s important to choose a toolbox that is made from metal, rather than the less expensive plastic truck toolboxes that are available on the market. The plastic truck toolboxes are simply not strong or durable enough to withstand the temperature changes that pickup trucks often experience. Pickup truck toolboxes often have a variety of tools stored inside that may move around during transportation and subsequently damage weak plastic toolboxes. Choose a tough aluminum variety toolbox that is reinforced with strong welds – such as Adrian Steel’s line of strong pickup truck toolboxes – to ensure that the toolbox lasts as long as the pickup truck itself.

Weatherproofing is Vital for Truck Toolboxes

Pickup truck toolboxes need to be weatherproof to keep the environmental changes away from the tools and other cargo stored inside. These toolboxes need to be waterproof as well as weatherproof. Many tools are made from metal that is prone to rust and damage when subjected to water. Choose a pickup toolbox that has a seal around the lid to keep water and dirt away from the expensive tools stored inside. The tools and cargo should be safe from rain, snow, dirt and temperature changes when the right pickup toolbox is purchased. Adrian Steel toolboxes have a unique bulb weather seal to protect the cargo, as well as a U-channel edge for extra strength and security.

Security Features

Because truck toolboxes often store valuable tools, they are vulnerable targets for thieves looking for a quick score. A pickup toolbox needs to have the security features necessary to keep thieves out, while at the same time being easy for the owner to access. Quality toolboxes are keyed to keep intruders out, but use a double-sided key that is easier for owners who may have their hands full when unlocking the toolbox. This line of high-quality truck toolboxes also has push-button rotary latches that allow for quick and convenient access to the toolbox. There is also a fully adjustable intrusion striker to make the box more secure and help the lid close tightly.

Toolboxes Should Have a Warranty

It is extremely important that truck toolboxes have a warranty policy that will back up the product in case of defect. Only high-quality toolboxes will offer a warranty. Lower-quality truck toolbox manufacturers simply won’t stand behind the products they make. Professional installation of the Adrian Steel truck toolboxes includes a 3-year or 36,000-mile warranty.

A high quality pickup toolbox should last for many years, while keeping the tools inside safe and secure. Check out our line of pickup truck toolboxes and let us provide the solution for your needs. Consult the toolbox application chart to see what size of Adrian Steel toolbox you will need to order to suit your needs.

Choosing a quality truck toolbox can help eliminate storage hassles for your pickup truck. Consider having a professional installation of the rugged pickup truck toolboxes with a 3-year, 30,000-mile warranty available from Adrian Steel.

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