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How to Load and Unload a Ladder Onto the Grip-Lock Van Ladder Rack

63-1 grip-lock van ladder rack on a GM

Grip-Lock Van Ladder Rack

Using a van ladder rack keeps your ladders within arm’s reach, and frees up valuable storage space inside the vehicle. Traditional racks can strain your neck and shoulder muscles while damaging the vehicle during loading and unloading.

Adrian Steel’s Grip-Lock van ladder rack features an upward-facing, hook-shaped horn mounted at the front of the vehicle. This horn works as a pivot point and bears the weight of the ladder.

After a little practice properly loading and unloading your van ladder rack, you’ll feel the difference in how the ergonomic design supports your back and shoulders.

Follow this quick how-to as you practice:

  1. Set the bottom of the ladder next to the rear wheel of your van.
  2. While resting the top of the ladder on the rack, lift the bottom sliding the ladder to the front of the horn.
  3. Rest the top of the ladder on the curved horn.
  4. Lift the bottom of the ladder and settle it onto the rack.
  5. Slide ladder forward until it touches the front-clamp bracket.
  6. Secure the ladder by bringing the handle into place and latching it.

Unloading the van ladder rack is easy. Just reverse the steps. Remember to use the horn to bear the weight of the ladder.

Of course, road vibrations could cause the fasteners to loosen over time. Check and tighten every six months to avoid costly accidents.

The Grip-Lock mechanism secures one or two ladders while reducing vibration wear to ladder rails. Available in five- or six-foot lengths, the racks are versatile enough to haul any ladder – step, fixed-length or extension.

View the video gallery for a visual demonstration.

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