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Find Your Adrian Steel Ladder Rack for the 2015 Ford Transit

2015 ford transit ladder rackWith the launch of the 2015 Ford Transit, comes a full new line of Adrian Steel upfit products designed for the highly customizable vehicle. In addition to the hundreds of upfit products available for the Transit, Adrian Steel also re-designed its highly sought-after ladder racks for the van. Here’s a look at the ladder rack solutions available for the 2015 Ford Transit.


EZ Load Ladder Rack (low roof)

As vans get taller and taller, it makes ladder storage more and more difficult. Newly designed for the low roof Transit, the EZ Load Ladder Rack is easy to operate, adjust, maintain, and accessorize. Designed for people of average height (5’8”), the EZ Load Ladder Rack lowers the ladder six inches toward the user to make it easier to reach and unload safely. The EZ Load can easily be adjusted for your ladders with a ½” socket. Stainless steel fasteners prevent rust and corrosion and plastisol coated brackets are sure to keep your ladders safe from excessive wear and tear.


LoadsRite Drop-Down Ladder Rack (low and medium roof)

The LoadsRite Drop-Down Ladder Rack for low and medium roof Transits is the most ergonomically-designed ladder solution on the market. The easy-to-reach handle allows users to pull the ladder down at a diagonal position to make loading and unloading easy on the shoulders and back. The LoadsRite for the medium roof Transit features a double drop down system to lower the ladder even further. Like the EZ Load, the LoadsRite will firmly grip the ladder in place during transportation and keep it safe from damage.


Aluminum Utility Rack (low roof)

If you’re just looking for a basic utility rack to transport your ladders and other items, the Aluminum Utility Rack for the low roof Transit is for you. Available in black or white powder coat paint, the Utility Rack is corrosion-free and equipped with numerous attachment points for securing cargo straps. The rack does not require any drilling into the roof of the vehicle, and comes with a Rear Roller Bar to ease loading and unloading.


Want to learn more? Find your Adrian Steel ladder rack for the Ford Transit.


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