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Finally a Complete Interior Ladder Storage Solution

man holding ladder in cargo van | Adrian Steel

Ladders are a necessary tool for skilled trades professionals, but often, there’s a string of problems plaguing those trying to store and transport them from job site to job site. The classic solution is to store your ladder rack on top of the vehicle. The problem with this method is that it leaves the ladder susceptible to many factors including weather, theft, and road grime. It also reflects poorly on your business.


Exposing your ladder to the elements leaves it dirty, beat-up, and unkempt, so it’s common practice to store the ladder inside your commercial vehicle, but this creates another set of issues. Since there’s a lack of storage options inside your vehicle, most people would store their ladder on the floor with other pieces of equipment. The problem is that the ladder gets in the way making it difficult to work efficiently.


There have been attempts to solve these common problems with specially designed ladder racks for the inside of your vehicle. The current designs for interior ladder storage allow you to mount the ladder rack to the ceiling of the vehicle, which keeps your ladder out of the element and off the floor. In theory, these designs should be the solution to your storage problems, but they reduce the vertical standing room in the cargo area.


In all of these attempts to solve a seemingly simple problem, each “solution” had only exposed a new and different issue. Or at least until now that is…


Introducing the Interior Ladder Rack


brought to you by Adrian Steel


Adrian Steel introduces the final solution to all your storage problems. Our new Interior Ladder Rack offers a clean, safe, and efficient storage and transport method for step ladders. This solution allows you to store your ladder inside the van by mounting it to either the partition or shelf panel.



interior ladder rack in cargo van | Adrian Steel

Out of the way, never out of reach


The Interior Ladder Rack from Adrian Steel…


  • Allows you to store your ladder inside while providing quick and easy access to your ladder from the outside.
  • Doesn’t take up, limit, or reduce vertical standing room in your van, allowing you to make full use of your vehicle.
  • Eliminates the outside wear and tear by protecting your ladder from the elements, theft, and road grime.
  • Your customers will appreciate clean, well taken care of equipment, so you can avoid bringing the outside mess into their home.
  • Our Interior Ladder Rack features plastic coated clamps to protect the ladder rungs during transit.
  • Perfect for carrying 4ft and 6ft step ladders and works best in medium to high roof vans.


About Adrian Steel


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