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Choose the Right Ladder Rack for Your Commercial Vehicle

white cargo van with ladder rack | Choose the Right Ladder Rack for Your Commercial Vehicle | Adrian Steel

As a fleet manager, you want to make sure your ladders arrive at your job site in good condition. Adrian Steel offers several types of ladder racks for your commercial vehicle that are easy to use and easy to load. When considering purchasing a new ladder rack, there are a few key things you need to consider:


Figure out the size you need

Since ladder racks come in different lengths and weights, knowing the size of your vehicle will help you determine which one fits your needs. Another thing to consider is whether you want a side-mounted ladder rack or a roof-mounted ladder rack. You know best which type of ladders you use on a regular basis, and how many you need to transport at one time. Some ladder racks are limited as to how many ladders you can haul while others are double-mounted systems that store more than one.


Determine the type of loading and unloading you want to do

Gone are the days when you had to balance on something to load or unload your heavy ladders. You no longer need to stretch and reach, pulling the ladder off your vehicle. Adrian Steel makes your job easier with ladder racks that have a drop-down assist function, like our Drop Down Ladder Rack.




Compare the construction and features

Adrian Steel ladder racks are constructed of high-grade, quality materials that are fully welded and cushioned to protect your ladders. If your job involves being outdoors, you’ll also want to ensure that the ladder rack is powder coated to withstand all types of weather conditions.


Adrian Steel Ladder Racks for Your Commercial Vehicle

Adrian Steel is known for its innovative and ergonomically designed ladder racks. Learn more about Adrian Steel’s ladder racks for your commercial vehicle. Ideal for:

  • Transporting ladders of all sizes
  • Professionals who use their ladders on a regular basis
  • Lowering risk of injury when loading and unloading ladders
  • Vans of any roof height


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