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Get the Ford Upfit Your Business Needs

Founded in 1903, Ford has been a pioneering force in the automotive industry. Over the years, Ford has provided reliable and durable personal and commercial vehicles that support businesses and professionals around the world.

If you have a business, a Ford upfit solution provides many benefits, including increased efficiency and worker safety. To learn more about an Adrian Steel upfit for your company’s work vans and trucks, simply find your local distributor to get started today.

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Ford Vehicles We Cover

Ford Transit

A versatile and customizable work vehicle, ideal for a variety of industries, offering plenty of space and power to meet your specific business needs.

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Ford E-Transit

The Ford E-Transit is an all-electric, sustainable, and powerful commercial van with all the features of an electric vehicle without compromising space and range.

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Ford Transit Connect

Compact, fuel-efficient van designed for urban workspaces with an ergonomic interior and convenient technologies to keep you aware of your surroundings.

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Ford Trucks

Reliable and versatile, Ford trucks offer exceptional performance for hauling big loads or tackling rough roads with ease.

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Our Upfit Solutions for Ford Vehicles


Shelving units are an essential Ford upfit solution for many businesses as they provide convenient storage for tools, equipment, and small containers, allowing for efficient utilization of space. Our shelving units are available in a variety of dimensions so you can choose the best fit for your specific business needs.

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Van and truck drawers and cabinets allow you to store and protect small parts and other supplies. With our custom drawers and cabinets, you can reach anything you need to perform your work without the hassle of bending or kneeling. Additionally, they provide a professional look to the interior of your work vehicle.

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Drawers & Cabinets

Cargo accessories provide an additional layer of convenience for your work van by increasing organization and functionality. Our cargo accessories include, but are not limited to, portable bins, wire storage, center consoles, door kits, door storage, file storage, grab handles, and more.

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Cargo Accessories

Our ladder rack systems allow your employees to safely transport and load/unload ladders and other materials. Most racks are adjustable and mount to the roof of your vehicle. At Adrian Steel, we take into account the type of vehicle you have and the type of cargo you carry to provide you with the best solution for your needs.

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Ladder Racks

Our ladder rack systems allow your employees to safely transport and load/unload ladders and other materials. Most racks are adjustable and mount to the roof of your vehicle. At Adrian Steel, we take into account the type of vehicle you have and the type of cargo you carry to provide you with the best solution for your needs.

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Trade Interior Packages

At Adrian Steel, we spend time talking with tradesmen, fleet managers, OEMs, and other industry professionals to understand the most common needs of industry professionals. Our pre-configured interior packages provide you with everything you need to start upfitting your vehicles and improving the efficiency of your business as quickly as possible.

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Our Process

Step 1 - Learn

We work closely with you to gain a deep understanding of your business, including the parts and tools you carry.

Step 2 - Assess

Through an in-depth analysis of your workflow and the day-to-day problems your company faces, we identify new opportunities for improvement.

Step 3 - Create

Together, we collaborate to develop a customized solution that adds value to your business based on the opportunities we have identified.

Step 4 - Install & Deliver

With the help of our wide network of Ford authorized upfitters, we deliver your customized solution when and where you need it.

Step 5 - Results

Once the installation is complete, you can enjoy the benefits of your custom solution.

About Adrian Steel – Ford Upfitters

Welcome to Adrian Steel! We’ve been in the business since 1953, and we take pride in providing custom business and work vehicle solutions for trade experts like you. With hundreds of Ford authorized upfitters spread across North America, we ensure that our customers receive top-notch service and expertise wherever they are.

Whether you are a national or local business, we will work closely with you to tailor a solution to your specific needs. Your success is our priority, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

If you want to learn more about us, check out our FAQs page. You can also visit our News page to keep up to date with our new solutions.

Why Choose Adrian Steel as Your Ford Van & Truck Upfitter

We Understand Your Business Challenges

Our goal is to increase the safety and productivity of our customers. To achieve this, we develop customized solutions that are tailored to each business.

We Have Over 70 Years of Experience

With over 70 years of experience, qualified professionals and standardized processes, we are able to effectively deliver world-class solutions to each of our clients.

We Deliver Your Solution When and Where You Need It

Our network consists of hundreds of Ford van and truck upfitters across North America, allowing us to deliver and install your customized solutions when and where you need them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ford Upfitting

  • What is a Ford Upfitter?

    Ford van and truck upfitters are companies that customize Ford vehicles to specific customer requirements. In other words, they offer specialized solutions to adapt Ford vehicles to various industries, making them more efficient and safer.

  • How Much Does Ford Vehicle Upfitting Cost?

    The cost of Ford upfits can vary depending on several factors such as the specific type of upfitting, and individual requirements. To learn more, find your local Adrian Steel distributor and request more information about pricing.

  • What Kind of Upfits Can You Get?

    At Adrian Steel, we provide custom solutions for many industries including partitions, shelving, drawers and cabinets, ladder racks, and more. Our work van and truck accessories are designed to simplify your work day and make it easier to get the job done.

  • How to Know If You Need Vehicle Upfitting?

    Some signals that you might need vehicle upfitting are high inventory costs, low margins, missed revenue goals, and high insurance premiums.

    Contact your local Adrian Steel distributor to find out how we can help you improve your company’s return on investment.

With hundreds of expert distributors across North America, and dedicated sales reps for national customers, we’ve got you covered!

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