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Ford Transit Connect Ladder Racks

Ford Transit Connect Ladder Racks

Need to carry cargo that is too long or wide to fit inside your work vehicle? A roof rack allows you to do just that. At Adrian Steel, we’ve got a variety of different options to fulfill your business needs, keep you safe and make you more productive. To get you the right solution for your business, we consider what type of vehicle you have, what you’re carrying, how you work, and even your height, to get you the safest option that fits the things you carry and how frequently you access them. Together, we can find the right solution that will prevent injuries, reduce costly overhead fees and keep you and your employees happy and healthy.

Recommended for technicians that use their ladders frequently, once every day or more.

Built on Adrian Steel’s new flagship Profile™ rack system, the ProLift™ drop-down ladder rack is low profile, lightweight, and built to last. The ProLift™ is up to 50% easier to operate than comparable drop-down style ladder racks. This makes it the easiest and safest drop-down ladder rack system on the market. Using unique patent-pending mechanical advantages and high-performance spring assist struts, ProLift™ raises and lowers ladders with an almost effortless pull, saving you time and energy while reducing back and shoulder injuries for operators. Available in Standard-Drop, Max-Drop, and Double Stack options and accommodates step ladders (8′-12′), extension ladders (16′-30′), and conduit carriers. Optional step ladder kits available for step ladders under 8’.

Recommended for technicians that use their ladders moderately, once every other day.

Built on Adrian Steel’s new flagship PROFILE™ roof rack system, the Grip-Lock Ladder Rack is low profile, lightweight, and built to last. Available for most full-size low-roof vans and compact vans, the Grip-Lock Ladder Rack accommodates step ladders (7′-12′), extension ladders (up to 14′-30′), and conduit carriers. Optional step ladder kits available for step ladders under 7’.

Recommended for technicians who need to transport materials that do not fit inside the van, such as 4 or more ladders, lumber, scaffolding, and conduit.

This Utility Rack is the rock-solid foundation for Adrian Steel’s all-new Profile™ Series of roof rack product offerings. Designed to adapt to almost any vehicle (trucks, vans, trailers, toppers, other), the unique modular design can be easily upgraded for specific utility use.

The HD Utility Rack is our most economical option for storage on the roof of your van. A configurable 2 or 3-bar rack with uprights, it is designed to help with what you need to carry. Our HD Utility Racks are corrosion resistant with no-drill installation to help protect the value of your vehicle.

Build your rack in 4 easy steps:

  • Step 1: Select Crossbars (2-Bar, 1-Bar Add-on)
  • Step 2: Select an OEM Specific Mounting Kit (2-Bar, 1-Bar Add-on)
  • Step 3: Select Plastisol Uprights (4”, 6”, 9”, or 9” Ratchets)
  • Step 4: Optional Add-On Accessories (Ladder Stop, Rear Roller Assist Bar, Conduit Kits)

Interior Ladder Storage

Keep your 4’-8’ step ladders clean and safe by storing them inside the van. With options for all vehicle heights and wheelbase sizes, our interior storage solutions allow you to secure your ladder vertically on a shelving end panel, a partition or on the ceiling of the vehicle. This keeps your ladder off the ground and out of the way.

Conduit Carriers

Our conduit carriers provide enclosed storage for conduit, pipe, tubing and more. Our economical aluminum-capped conduit kits are ideal for residential services. Simply add the appropriate length and diameter of PVC pipe to complete the kit. Our conduit carriers are corrosion resistant and feature a diamond tread aluminum. They can carry a large volume of product and have a spring-up rear door for easy loading and unloading. Locks can be added for extra security.

  4″ & 6″ End Caps for PVC Conduit Carriers
  New Models
Series Ladder Rack Type 4″ Caps 6″ Caps
PROFILE ProLift™ Ladder Racks 70-1NGLR 70-2NGLR
Grip-Lock Ladder Racks 70-1NGLR 70-2NGLR
HD Utility Roof Rack 70-1NGLR 70-2NGLR
  Previous Models
DDLR Drop-Down Ladder Racks 70-1LR 70-2LR
GL Grip-Lock Ladder Racks 70-1LR 70-2LR

With hundreds of expert distributors across North America, and dedicated sales reps for national customers, we’ve got you covered!

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