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Partition Kit w/ Sliding Door

Partition Kit w/ Sliding Door

Partition Kit w/ Sliding Door
Part Number: SPARSPH
Vehicles: Sprinter High Roof
Color: Gray

Boost Efficiency

The sliding door partition can cut the number of trips you take in and out of your vehicle in half.

Reduced Driver Fatigue

By reducing the number of trips needed to get in and out of the vehicle, you will be able to better maintain your energy and strength and will feel less tired at the end of the day.

Driver Protection

The barrier separates the cargo area from the cab area and helps protect the occupants in the cab from shifting cargo when the vehicle is in motion.

Theft Protection

With an optional locking handle, you can sleep better at night knowing the tools, consumables and/or packages in the back of your vehicle are secure.

Maximum Cargo Space

Enjoy the ability to access your cargo area quickly without losing valuable cargo space. The sliding door operates on the cab-side of the vehicle giving you full use of the space in the back of your van.

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