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Mounting Feet, 4-Pack, NV

Mounting Feet, 4-Pack, NV

Mounting Feet, 4-Pack, NV
Part Number: NVMBK4W
Series: Profile
Vehicles: NV Cargo High Roof
NV Cargo Low Roof
Color: White

Rear Roller Assist (optional)

Rest your ladder on the rear roller for easy loading and unloading. This also protects your vehicle from scratches, dents or dings that often happen without the assistance of a rear roller.

Corrosion Resistant

Made of aluminum and stainless steel, this ladder rack is built to withstand the elements over time.

Flat Loading Surface

The flat loading surface provides you with an opportunity to carry a wide range of cargo on top of your vehicle.

No Drill Installation

This ladder rack is easy to install, no drill required!

Utility Ladder Rack

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