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Composite Partition Now Available - For a More Comfortable Mobile Office!

Introducing the partition that is all about driver comfort!   There is a trend happening with cargo van owners in market.  They want a product that offers more value than the traditional steel partition provides.  Something that quiets the cab area, provides more leg room and provides better climate control.  Drivers that spend 8-12 hours a day working out of their mobile office want a more comfortable experience. 


Adrian Steel’s new line of composite partitions offers unparalleled comfort for the driver. 


Climate Control – Quickly cool down or heat up the cab area of the cargo van, reduce idle time doing so and save fuel!


Sound Deadening – Reduce the harshness of the cargo noise entering the cab area.  This reduces driver distractions and makes for a quieter environment to communicate when driving.


Leg Room – Full seat travel and a comfortable recline angle makes the composite partition our most comfortable line of partitions we sell.


Accessorize – Partitions are great location to hang your cargo.  Easily add safety items like fire extinguishers and first aid kits, or hooks to hang your extension cords or hoses.  Additional accessory kits are available to customize your Adrian Steel composite partition even more.


Adrian Steel composite partitions are now available for Transit low roof and Transit Connect.  Other vehicle models coming soon.  Click to learn how you can have a more comfortable mobile office.


New ProductsAnnouncing New Partitions and Ladder Racks

Adrian Steel recently unveiled new partitions and ladder racks at the 2016 Work Truck Show.
A new Composite Partition has been designed with your comfort in mind! The solid partition improves climate control in the cab of the vehicle, while reducing noise coming from the cargo area.  
A brand new, completely redesigned drop-down ladder rack will change the way you load and unload ladders! Designed around you, the drop-down ladder rack lowers the ladder even lower than previous models to improve user ergonomics. A newly redesigned grip-lock rack will also be available.
New partitions will be available in April 2016 and the ladder racks will follow in May 2016. Watch the site for new product updates and contact your distributor for ordering information 

Adrian Steel Chairman Elected to the Automotive Fleet Hall of Fame

Harley Westfall is one of the newest members of the Automotive Fleet Hall of Fame. He was inducted during a ceremony at the 2015 Automotive Fleet & Leasing Association (AFLA) Conference in Nashville, Tenn., on Tuesday, Sept. 15. 

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Interior Ladder Rack

New Product: Interior Ladder Rack

Out of the Way, Never Out of Reach 
The new Interior Ladder Rack does not take up, limit, or reduce vertical standing room in your van and it allows quick and easy access to your ladder from outside of your vehicle. The ILR works best in medium and high roof vans and features plastic coated clamps to protect the ladder rungs during transit.

Learn More about the Interior Ladder Rack! 

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RAM ProMaster

New 2014 Transit Connect Van Equipment Available from Adrian Steel

New product now available for the new 2014 Transit Connect Van.

JANUARY 20 2014 – A new product line of cargo management solutions for the 2014 Transit Connect are now available from Adrian Steel. This new van equipment includes a steel partition, a wire partition, shelving, a Grip-Lock ladder rack, and trade packages.

The new line of 2014 Transit Connect van equipment is designed to help service professionals organize tools and equipment for increased effectiveness and productivity. Adrian Steel offers a wealth of expert advice and knowledge to fleet managers and service professionals who want to design the most effective cargo management system to fit their 2014 Transit Connects.

2014 Transit Connect Steel Partitions: The P2TCS14 features all steel panels that safeguard the cab area against moving and shifting cargo. The recessed design allows for maximum adjustability of the front seats and provides storage space for a 6 foot step ladder in the back of the LWB Transit Connect. The perforated window provides visibility of the cargo area and rear windows. The steel header and full perimeter wings provide optimal security.

2014 Transit Connect Wire Mesh Partitions: The P2TCFW14 provides maximum visibility while safeguarding the van’s cab area against vacillating or displaced cargo. The design of this wire mesh partition allows for maximum adjustability of the front seats. In addition, the recessed design provides storage space for a 6 foot step ladder in the back of the LWB Transit Connect. The P2TCFW14 is lightweight and economical without sacrificing safety and security.

Drawers and Accessories: To maximize the cargo area of the 2014 Transit Connect, Adrian Steel also offers a variety of van accessories, including:

  • CB5 Five Slot Literature Holder
  • CB7 Seven Slot Literature Holder
  • 17A Six Shelf Catalog File
  • 43 Three Shelf Catalog File
  • BH4 Four Slot Binder Holder
  • CB2 Two Book File
  • Cb3 Three Book File
  • CB4 Utility Storage Box

2014 Transit Connect accessories allow for van interior organization and customization. Blue bin systems maximize ADseries shelf space and allow for visual inventory management. Drawer units are stackable and feature the exclusive Lock ‘n Latch system. Drawer components allow for the organization of small parts. The drawer retention stops prevent drawers from opening while the Transit Connect is in operation. Options include Adrian Steel’s pre-configured drawer system or drawer systems may be created from the base models.

ADseries Adjustable Shelving: ADseries shelving is exclusive to Adrian Steel. These shelves are adjustable so that professionals can optimize their work van storage and accessibility. The ADseries comes with adjustable shelves, an adaptable rail system, heavy-duty shelves, and an advanced stamped steel end panel.

Grip-Lock Ladder Racks: The Grip-Lock ladder rack is designed with a heavy-duty actuating arm to firmly grip ladder rungs which prevent shifting of the ladder on the rack. The gripping mechanism is lockable. Polymer adhesive pads are included to protect ladder rails from contact damage. For additional protection, composite extrusions on front and rear crossbows and uprights are included. Rung grips easily adjust to accommodate different types of ladders. The Grip-Lock features an all-aluminum design with a powder coat paint finish. There are no straps to deal with, and the clamping of the ladder is automatic. The Grip-Lock accommodates a 24 ft. extension ladder on the SWB and a 28 ft. extension ladder on the LWB.

Availability – Adrian Steel products for the 2014 Transit Connect are available throughout North America through Adrian Steel’s national distributor network or on a ship thru bases for national fleets. 

View the 2014 Transit Connect Catalog

RAM ProMaster

2014 Ram ProMaster Cargo Management Solutions Available from Adrian Steel

New product now available for the new 2014 RAM ProMaster Van.

OCTOBER 1, 2013 – Adrian Steel announces a new product line of cargo management solutions for the 2014 Ram ProMaster. 2014  ProMaster van equipment from Adrian Steel includes partitions, shelving, cabinet and drawer modules, accessories, and ladder racks.

ProMaster Partitions: S-M-C Series Partitions separate the cargo from the cab area.  Partition options include see through panels for visibility out the side or rear doors or solid panels where no visibility is preferred to the cargo area of the van.  Partitions can be upgraded to include a pass through door to easily access the cargo area from the cab.  Door kits include a locking slam latch.  Owners can also select a partition option to provide more cab room.  Our +3 partitions give the drivers additional leg room and seat adjustability.

ADseries Adjustable Shelving: Available exclusively from Adrian Steel, the ADseries Truly Adjustable Shelving platform can be easily adjusted in one inch increments and provides the most flexible shelving solution available to accommodate a range of cargo sizes.   Shelving measures 59” high, by 14” deep and available in 32”, 44”, and 50” lengths and is easily upgradeable to provide storage solutions for a range of vocational equipment.

Cabinet & Drawer Modules: Secure storage for large and small tools and parts. Modular design allows buyers to add more storage when needed. Multiple van storage modules are available, including tank cabinets, shelf cabinets, cabinet lockers, drawer units featuring the Lock ‘n Latch System, drawer components, tote trays and cases, and much more. 

Cargo Van Accessories: ProMaster van accessories allow for van interior organization and customization. Blue bin systems maximize ADseries shelf space and allow for visual inventory management. Aluminum floor drawers are stackable and feature the exclusive Anti-Slam latch. Additional van accessories are available, including storage boxes, book files, trays, reel holders, wire window screens, and more. 

ProMaster Aluminum Utility Rack: Flexible roof storage is available with the  ProMaster utility rack.  Durable and light weight, the utility rack is corrosion resistant with its all-aluminum design.   The rear roller bar assists users loading and unloading cargo off the top of the standard roof Promaster Van.  An aluminum conduit carrier is also available.

Availability – Adrian Steel products for the Ram Promaster are available throughout North America through our national distributor network or on a ship thru bases for national fleets.



Adrian Steel Chooses Kansas City for Advanced Auto Manufacturing Facility

Company will  provide interiors for new Ford Transit, create 39 new jobs

APRIL 9, 2013 – Kansas City, Mo. – Adrian Steel, a  Michigan-based manufacturer of commercial van and truck  equipment, announced today that it will lease 11 acres for a new  32,000-sq.-ft. facility and 8-acre paved logistics center at the Hunt Midwest  Business Center, creating 39 new jobs in the KC region.

“The Kansas City region proved to be an ideal location  for our newest Adrian Steel operation,” said Bob Browns, general manager,  Adrian Steel. “We are very proud of our ongoing relationship with Ford Motor Company and look forward to contributing to the future of the Ford  TRANSIT.”

As an authorized Ford Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM), Adrian will  install trade packages, shelving, partitions and other cargo management  solutions for the new Ford TRANSIT commercial van scheduled to be built at  Ford’s Kansas City Assembly Plant. Adrian’s new Kansas City operation is  two miles south of the Ford plant in Claycomo, Mo. The company will invest $4.7  million and expects to be operational by September 2013.



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Latest news! Adrian Steel’s EZ Load Ladder Rack

All New EZ Load Ladder Rack for Standard Roof Nissan NV Cargo Vans


Cargo vans are getting taller each year and most griplock style ladder racks do not take this factor into their design. The average height person in North America is 5’8” (according to the CDC) and the taller the cargo vans get, the harder it is to load a ladder on top of these vans. The patent pending design of the EZ Load Ladder Rack brings the ladder down 6” towards the operator. Making it easier to reach when you unload and more importantly, when the operator has to load the ladder, they no longer have to lift the ladder to the top of the cargo van reducing the risk of injury!

Ladder Protection– Ladders stowed on the EZ Load Ladder Rack are protected with composite plastic that keep fiberglass ladders from rubbing on the metal of the ladder rack. This prolongs the life of your fiber-glass ladders.

Safe Ladder Transportation– No bungee cords needed. Four brackets secure the ladder tightly in place during transportation. Proper adjustment should take place when you first load your ladders on the EZ Load Rack.

Ladder Security– Ladders can be secured against theft with an optional padlock.

The EZ Load Ladder Rack accommodates 10’ – 36’extension ladders and 8’ step ladders. Shorter ladders can be accommodated with the optional stepladder kit.

Click here to learn more and watch videos of the EZ Load Ladder Rack in action!



Latest news! Adrian Steel’s new vehicle wraps program, Commercial Curb Appeal

Mobilize Your Brand with Adrian Steel's New Vehicle Graphics Program is an revolutionary on-line design tool that allows a business to create a personalized identity for their work van or pickup. Commercial Curb Appeal is a collaboration between Adrian Steel with 58 years in the commercial vehicle industry, Adrian Steel’s nationwide distribution network and Signature Graphics, who have developed mobile branding campaigns for some of the best-known companies in America.

Commercial Curb Appeal is an innovative service that provides small businesses access to the same premium materials, production methods and design options offered to America’s largest fleets.  Commercial Curb Appeal makes branding vehicles easy for small business owners.  The seamless installation process is managed by Adrian Steel’s national distributor network and can be completed simultaneously with the installation of Adrian Steel interior products.


Adrian Steel news – we offer Long Part Storage Kit

Interior Long Part Storage Kit

Adrian Steel Company is proud to announce the new Long Part Storage kit that allows 10 ft. long cargo (pipe, conduit) to be transported inside a Nissan NV van!

Safely transport 10 foot pieces of conduit or pipe inside a Nissan NV. The modified middle partition panel has an extended box which has a 13 ¾” wide by 5 ¾” high opening in the M panel. Tie down straps are provided at the front and the rear of the product to secure the load. The rear tray is positioned to contain the cargo and protect the rear doors. The long part storage is available for the Nissan NV van. Fits late model Adrian Steel SMC partitions only. Not compatible with hinged door partition option.

 Long Part Storage for Nissan NV


LoadsRite Drop-Down Ladder Rack for Nissan NV vans now offered through Adrian Steel

Adrian Steel Releases LoadsRite Drop-Down Ladder Rack for High Roof Nissan NV Vans.

Adrian Steel Company is proud to announce the release of a drop-down ladder rack for the high roof Nissan NV van. The LoadsRite ladder rack lowers the ladder down to you for safe and easy loading and unloading.

Cargo space on top of the high roof Nissan NV has never been so accessible! The LoadsRite drop-down ladder protects ladders while safely transporting them on top of the Nissan NV. Design features include rollers and dampers that create a smooth transition to the stowed and down positions; an easy-reach handle that lowers toward the ground; automatic clamping of the ladder and the ability to open the van doors when the rack is in the down position.

The LoadsRite ladder rack is easy to use! Just attach the handle that conveniently stows inside the van and rotate until the ladder bed is in the primary drop position. Then, using two hands, release the latch and pull the ladder bed down into the secondary drop. Unload the ladder one end at a time to minimize back strain!


Adrian Steel Launches New Website!

The newly designed Web site for Adrian Steel is now live. delivers a modern look for its customers with ease-of-use navigation, while continuing to provide products and programs with exceptional value its customers have come to expect.

This new web site demonstrates the forward-thinking vision of Adrian Steel and its commitment to the growing needs of its customers. The new website incorporates a well-organized navigation based around product categories that also allows for direct access to its many products and programs.
Adrian Steel customers in Canada can take advantage of Nissan’s Commercial Advantage program

Nissan Announces Commercial Advantage Program for the All-New 2012 Nissan NV

Eligible customers in Canada can choose from two no-charge upfit packages from Adrian Steel.

Adrian Steel customers in Canada can take advantage of Nissan’s Commercial Advantage program

Nissan Announces Official Partnership with Adrian Steel to Upfit 2012 Nissan NV

Strategic partnership established to make it easy for buyers to upfit their Nissan NV.

New steel utility rack from Adrian Steel

Adrian Steel Announces an All New Steel Utility Rack

The next generation BRS steel utility rack is now more durable. The new design greatly reduces corrosion by eliminating much of the welding.

New Aluminum floor drawers by Adrian Steel Company

Adrian Steel Releases New Aluminum Floor Drawers

Innovative floor storage for parts and tools, featuring and industry exclusive anti-slam latch.



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