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Work Van Interiors: Avoid Mistakes When Planning Your Next Upfit

6 Upfit Mistakes to Avoid

A work van without an upfit isn’t really much of a “work” van at all. But when you’re ready to upgrade your work van interior, you need to plan appropriately. Avoiding mistakes doesn’t just mean knowing how to plan around problems. It also means getting the most out of your upfit, so you can enjoy working with efficiency and comfort for years to come.

Common Mistakes for Upfitting Work Van Interiors

Over-Complicating the Process

When you start planning your new work van interiors, it’s easy to get lost in the countless options available to you. Equipment, brands, sizes and more mean you can find exactly what you want in almost any shape.

However, don’t start your upfit by biting off more than you can chew. Your unique needs as a contractor mean your upfit should solve day-to-day concerns. If you need to move big equipment, don’t overload with more storage and bins than you need – you may run out of space to load your portable machinery!

Think about how you use your van, and what changes would simplify your day and speed you to the more important parts of your job.

Most importantly, if you start to get overwhelmed with your options, ask for help! Reputable upfitters are there to get you the van you need. They’ve seen it all and will know exactly what you need when you explain the problems you want to solve.

Planning Your Work Van Interior Blindly

In addition to over-complicating the process, you want to avoid shopping around before you know what you need. “Window shopping” for your upfit may open the doors for all types of amazing additions, but it’s a slippery slope to installing solutions to problems you don’t have!

Start with a plan. Create a list of problems and think about the most obvious solutions. Take that list with you when you start to see what options are available. If something looks like a good addition, but isn’t necessary, mark it for later. If you plan your upfit well, you’ll likely have extra weight capacity and room to add it. But you don’t want to walk away with a work van interior that doesn’t work for you.

Not Inspecting the Specs

Once you have a tentative idea of the specs of your upfit, you’re ready to do the real thinking! Inspect your spec sheet and pay close attention to everything. Does it really cover everything you need?

You don’t need to sign off on the upfit until you’re sure you have what you need. The process can sometimes take some back-and-forth. If you have legitimate concerns, a reputable upfitter will understand when you need to look over the details with the rest of your team or management.

The goal is your ideal work van. It takes time to get there. Don’t needlessly rush through the process!

Ignoring Safety

In addition to productivity, upfits are also about improving the safety of your vehicle. Planning a work van interior without considering the impact on safety is a massive mistake! Composite partitions, for example, can dramatically reduce noise, increasing your ability to focus on the road. Both steel and composite partitions help stop shifting cargo from entering the cab area during a sudden stop or an accident.

Injuries and safety are just as critical to your bottom line as signed contracts. Don’t forget to look at what safety options you can add to your work van when planning the upfit.

Not Finding a Reputable Upfitter

Having all the right parts and plans won’t matter if you try to cut corners with your installation technicians. Reputable upfitters are more than just hardworking people who will install your parts correctly. They also provide you with information, education and suggestions when you need them most.

Finding a reputable upfitter can be just as difficult as planning your entire upfit! You’ll want to speak with others in your industry, friends or family who have upfit their work vans and look online for additional reviews or details.

If you want to know about distributors in your area, we can help! Adrian Steel’s distributor locator simplifies the process for finding sources for your next upfit.

Focusing on Cost Over Quality

Lastly, the most common error made in planning any vehicle upfit is trying to save a few pennies upfront at the cost of serious problems down the road. Remember, your work van is your lifeline in the business. It gets you where you need to be. Without it, you’ll either be left with an inferior vehicle or temporarily losing income.

Buy good parts from reputable companies, and have them installed by reputable technicians. It may cost a little extra now, but you’ll appreciate the advantage it will give you in five years when they’re still working like the day they were installed.

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