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How it Works: ADseries Adjustable Shelving Units

adseries adjustable shelving unitsHave you ever invested in a piece of equipment just to find out that it didn’t work for your needs? It can be really frustrating! Often times, product manufacturers take the liberty to decide what they think will work best for you and offer a “one-size-fit-all” option. Here at Adrian Steel, we know that in reality “one-size” does not fit all. We strive to provide you with a wide array of customizable options, like our ADseries Adjustable Shelving Units, a unique product that allows you to have the freedom to decide exactly how your upfit shelving should be organized.


With Adrian Steel’s exclusive ADseries Adjustable Shelving Units, you are able to easily customize the Plug and Play shelves to fit your specific needs. Tools and equipment come in all shapes and sizes and ADseries shelving allows you to easily accommodate your uniquely shaped cargo items.


How Adjustable Shelving Units Work

Quickly and easily adjust your shelving by unscrewing two bolts from the speed nut clips that come with the shelf with a Phillips screwdriver. Tilt the shelf upwards and simply move it to your desired location, insert the rear shelf studs, and screw the bolts back in!


ADseries Adjustable shelving features durable stamped steel end panels and shelves and a six inch knock out at the bottom to provide floor space. Plug and Play shelves come pre-punched with holes and can be adjusted on one inch increments.


Bonus Products: ADseries dividers snap into place, drawer units easily bolt in, and door kits can be installed to add a lockable cabinet to your shelving. Many Adrian Steel accessories can be added to the ADseries with the rail adapter kits and end panel brackets.


View our video about ADseries Adjustable Shelving Units.


About Adrian Steel

Adrian Steel is a leading manufacturer of van shelving solutions. In addition to adjustable shelving units, Adrian Steel also offers welded van shelving units. Contact Adrian Steel today to learn more about all of our cargo management solutions!

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