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Why Customer Service Training is Essential for HVAC Techs

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Your technical skills and knowledge may be top notch. You may even offer unbeatable pricing. But is it enough to keep your customers happy? Probably not. As an HVAC professional, you connect one-on-one with your customers, and you’re the person they’ll remember when it’s time for another service call. HVAC contractors, especially those in the residential installation and service market, need to pay special attention on how they or their technicians interact with customers. One bad experience could end a potential long-term customer-contractor relationship damaging opportunities for new business. How can you make sure it’s a positive memory? Up your customer service training game.

Millions of dollars and working hours are spent each year in the business world improving customer service. It’s a big area of concern among all types of business owners, from the one-person entrepreneur to the CEO of an international corporation. Your customer service training process doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, you can create one that’s a perfect fit for your business without spending a dime. Get started with these simple customer service training tips.

Customer Service Training Tips

Evaluate Your Current Customer Service Training Process

Start thinking about what makes for great customer service in the HVAC industry, and then narrow it down to your business. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What has – or hasn’t – worked in the past?
  • What comments have your customers made about your service?
  • What areas have you improved upon and which ones still need work?
  • Ask employees or associates for their opinions, ideas, and experiences.

Document Your New Process

Use the ideas you developed in your evaluation to create customer-service guidelines for a successful repair or installation. Be as specific as possible – this will become a handy and important training resource for you or your technicians – and cover as many areas as possible, beginning with the preparation for the visit and ending with the follow-up.

Here are some topics you could include in your guidelines.

  • Proper dress
  • The importance of being on time
  • Where to park
  • The greeting
  • Discussing the procedure to the client
  • How to follow-up
  • FAQs and how to handle them

Then take action.

Schedule in-office meetings to review the guidelines and procedures with new technicians and discuss how and why they’re important. From time to time, review the guidelines internally to make sure they’re relevant. Add new information when appropriate.

Pair up new technicians with experienced ones on service calls. Ask the senior technicians to explain the procedures as they go along and offer additional tips and advice as they see fit.

Ask customers about their experience during your follow-up call or email. Were they happy with their customer service? Was there anything that could be improved? Not only will this provide you with great training information but it also shows the customers that you care about your customer service.

If you’d like more information about how these customer service training tips could improve your business, check out this article from The ACHR News.

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