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Service Professionals: Is the Back of Your Van a Mess?

Service Professionals | Organize the Back of Your Van

Whether you own your business, or work for a company, you need to be organized, especially if you’re a service professional.  Service professionals need to be at the top of their game, every day.  You can’t forget a part or tool, or misplace your billing forms, or you’ll soon be out of a job.

With so much resting on your shoulders, it’s easy to forget one thing that could make your job easier:  organization.

Do Service Professionals Need Organization?

It’s easy to ignore the need for organization.  But if you find yourself thinking you don’t have time to get organized, ask yourself these questions:

  1. How much time have you wasted trying to find a part or tool in the back of your van?
  2. Have large tools or parts ever slid from the back of your van to the front, while you’ve been driving?
  3. Can you locate all the tools and parts you need for your next job?
  4. If a client saw the back of your van, what would she think?
  5. How many small parts have you misplaced or lost in the last month?

Evaluate your answers and be honest with yourself.  Are you losing time, money, or your reputation to disorganization?  If so, Adrian Steel can help.

Get Organized

Chances are, even the most meticulous of us could stand to be a little more organized.  Organization saves time, and lowers stress levels.  Instead of fumbling for a part you need, wouldn’t it be great if you could find that part quickly and easily?  Here are a couple products to help you get organized:

  • Van Shelves:  Shelves are one of the tools most utilized by service professionals, and it’s easy to see why.  Shelves are versatile; you can place almost anything on them.  Shelves are quick organizers; simply placing your tools on a shelf gets them off the floor, and makes them easier to see and reach.  You can place bins on your shelves for even more organization.  We offer Welded Shelving for Ford and GM, and Adjustable Shelving for many vehicles, including Ford, GM, Nissan, RAM, and Sprinter.
  • Van Storage:  Storage modules for your commercial van are a lifesaver.  Not only can you place small parts inside perfectly-sized drawers, we also offer locking compartments for extra security.  Drawers add organization, and instantly make the back of your van look cleaner and more professional.  Now if someone glances in the back of your work van, they’ll be impressed, not horrified!
  • Bulkheads & Partitions:  If you don’t yet own a bulkhead, you need one.  Bulkheads separate the cab area from the back of the van, which creates a level of organization.  If you carry heavy equipment or items that slide across your van floor, like paint cans, a bulkhead can offer safety as well as organization.  If you’ve ever slammed on your breaks and experienced your cargo shifting into the cab area, you understand the need for a bulkhead.
  • Ladder Racks:  Are you still carrying your expensive ladder rack around on the floor of your van?  Does it bang into other equipment?  Is it getting scratched and dented?  Keep you ladder (and your van) in better shape with a ladder rack.  Ladder racks gets your ladder off the van floor, and secures it safely on the top, or inside of, your vehicle.  Now you can transport your heavy ladder safely and securely, and you have more space on your van floor, too.
  • Van Accessories:  Van accessories include those little things that make a big difference, like our popular plastic bins.  Bins create storage and separation of small parts, and make them easy to see at a glance.  Our bins coordinate with a rail system, which locks them into place so they don’t move during transport.  We also offer tank racks, for heavy refrigeration tanks.  Additional van accessories include:  Cargo Straps, Touch-up Paint, Hard Hat Holder, Reel Holder, Door Kits, and much more.

With all your new products, you’re well on your way to being more organized, which will save you time and energy.  Organizing your items can also make you more efficient on the job, as well as show your clients that you are professional.

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