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Ram ProMaster Upfits for Electricians

Ram ProMaster Upfits for Electricians by Adrian Steel

Ram ProMaster Upfits for Electricians

The 5186 Electrical Contractor Interior is designed to fit the 159″ wheelbase RAM ProMaster.

ADseries Shelf Unit 50″
Three ADseries shelf units adjust on 1″ increments and are easy-to-move with just a screwdriver. Put the shelves where you want them! Exclusive to Adrian Steel. Measures 50″ wide, 59″ tall, 14″ deep. Requires a 159” rail kit for installation (included in 5186 package).

Partition fits standard and high roof ProMaster vans. The center and curbside panels are perforated at the top for rear visibility, and include a hinged, locking center door. Requires a wing kit for installation (included in 5186 package).




End Panel Bracket allows you to attach accessories to the ADseries shelving units.

In this package you receive four 12” blue bins and eight 6” blue bins, plus the snap-in rail system for the bins. These exclusive molded storage bins are perfect for visual inventory management. The innovative rail system locks the bins in place, preventing them from shifting from side to side. You’ll receive both 6″ and 12″ widths to maximize the ADseries shelf space. The bins nest on top of each other when at the job site or in the warehouse. Place a label on the front of each bin, so you can find parts quickly. Each bin accommodates one optional divider to organize smaller parts.

This package includes a 6” composite drawer component made of hi-impact polymer. The unit is 6” and features three drawers. No need to worry about the drawers opening while in transit – the drawer-retention-stops keep the drawer closed while you’re on the move. A divider kit of 8 is included for easy organization.

Three Hook Bar mounts to your partition, shelf end panel, or other vertical surface, and maximizes vertical storage.

Our Five Slot Literature Holder is designed to mount on almost any vertical surface, and is excellent for work orders. Each pocket measures 2.5″ deep with an overall size of 12″ W; 24″ H; 2.5″ D.

Our 5-Bar Wire Reel Holder features five removable bars that hold wire spools up to 6″ in diameter. Reel holder mounts to shelf ends for convenient access. Overall size: 12″ W; 25″ H; 4″ D.

Adrian Steel’s Four Drawer Shallow features our exclusive Lock ‘n Latch system. This system provides a choice of drawers open, drawers retained, or drawers in the locked position. The drawers are made of an engineered composite material for durability with all new heavy-duty drawer glides for support and smoother drawer operation. The new drawer glides make it incredibly easy to open and close the drawer units. If you’d like more storage flexibility, simply reposition the drawers and glides within the cabinet. 2.5″ deep drawers come with tough ABS divided and removable trays. The steel outer cabinet measures 18″W; 12″H; 12″L.

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Adrian Steel provides solutions for a range of vehicles from crossovers to cargo vans.  Our customers include those with one vehicle in their fleet to 50,000 vehicles in their fleet.  We have upfitted over 1 million vehicles in our 60 plus years in business and have leveraged our expertise in engineering our innovative product line.

Adrian Steel’s installation network provides options to get a vehicle upfitted regardless of where an individual needs to get them done: at the factory, out of dealer stock, at the place of business, or through a bailment pool. 

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