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Heavy Duty Welded Shelving for Ford Cargo Vans: The 44-Series

Ford Van Welded Shelving

Want more storage space for your Ford Cargo Van? Then you need Adrian Steel’s new 44-Series of Welded Shelving!

44 Series Welded Shelving Benefits

As great as the best-selling 44 Series was before, it’s now even better!

Our 44-Series is strong and functional, and features a lowered top shelf, which makes them more functional and flexible. With the lowered top shelf, you can divide shelves more easily, or even add our popular blue bins to your storage space. The mid and lower shelves are also now more functional and give you the ability to add door kits, drawer units, dividers, and additional blue bins.

The Heavy Duty Utility Shelves are also constructed from heavier gauge steel and include welded dividers, which maximize carrying capacity.

Available Models

Adrian Steel has several new 44 Series heavy duty welded shelving units for your Ford cargo van. Our best sellers include:

Heavy Duty Utility Shelves constructed from heavier gauge steel. Welded dividers maximize carrying capacity. Divided top tray is 3″ deep for increased rigidity.  Measures 36″W x 22″H x 12″D.

Features of the 42” include lowered top shelf, and more functional mid and lower shelves, with the ability to add door kits, DC drawer units, Lock-N-Latch drawer units, dividers, and blue bins. The 4442 measures 42″W x 46″H x 14″D.


The 32” also includes the lowered top shelf, while the mid and lower shelves are more functional with the ability to add door kits, DC drawer units, Lock-N-Latch drawer units, dividers, and blue bins. The 4432 measures 32″W x 46″H x 14″D.


The 50” offers all of the same features as the 42” and 32”. The 4450 measures 50″W x 46″H x 14″D.

Every model in Adrian Steel’s 44-Series of Welded Shelving is solid, flexible and functional.

We’re Ready to Serve You!

Adrian Steel has over 60 years’ experience in service, innovation, and quality. Don’t wait to add extra storage to your Ford cargo van-find your Local Adrian Steel Distributor today! Simply search our database of Adrian Steel distributors to find one near you. Distributors are located throughout the United States and Canada and are waiting to help you!

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