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man in red shirt training man in black shirt | Tips for New HVAC Technicians | Adrian Steel

After you’ve taken the time to hire the right HVAC technicians, the most important thing you can do for your business is train to them properly.  Well-trained technicians are more effective on the job, gives you an edge on your competitors, and saves you money in the long run.


So what’s the best way to effectively train your new HVAC technicians? We’ve got five great tips to get you started.


Focus on Your Top Employees


Once initial basic training is completed, it’s virtually impossible to deliver the same level of upkeep training for every technician you employ, especially in a very large company. The cost of in depth training for a large number of technicians can also be prohibitive. A great way to cut costs and save time is to focus your energy on your most skilled HVAC technicians. By delivering high-end training in this manner, you’ll have several “point men” who are up-to-date on the industry and can teach lower tier employees. It’s far more effective to train a few and have these technicians demonstrate proper methods to their coworkers than it is to try to train them all at once.


Utilize online training


Online learning systems can be a great way to save money! Online training will also save your technicians time and give them an easy-to-access library of information they can reference when faced with new or difficult service jobs.


Don’t forget social media


When you hear “social media”, you think of sites like Facebook and Twitter, but there are several enterprise-level internal communication social media programs that can be a huge benefit when training new HVAC technicians. Sites like Yammer, Salesforce, Chatter, and Tibbr all connect employees in real time and allow them to pose questions to other techs with a phone or tablet. If they need assistance with a repair, these sites also house archives where they can search for information.


Remember timing is everything


Keep in mind that your HVAC techs are extremely busy and probably don’t have a lot of time to devote to training. Rather than overload them with continuous training, pick a specific time of year or a specific day of the month devoted to training sessions. Also consider a more casual approach to training such as lunch meetings or even a company retreat.


Keeping your training focused and flexible will keep your company ahead of the game. A well trained knowledgeable technician results in a smoother running operation, and using these tips will get you well on your way to being the best in the business.


Looking for organizational solutions for your new HVAC technicians?


Adrian Steel understands that HVAC techs need to work in nearly every condition, that’s why we’ve designed the perfect upfit packages that include shelving, bins, partitions, and other useful items. These packages will help you be more organized and efficient on the job.


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