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Commercial Vehicle Graphic | 2015 Commercial Vehicle Trends | Adrian SteelIn 2014, total full-size van sales increased 11.4 percent and according to a report released by Fleet Owner, 2015 is expected to be a strong year for the commercial van industry. Light-vehicle sales are forecasted to exceed 17 million units over the next year.

So what does this mean for the commercial van industry? Take a look at the commercial vehicle trends for 2015, according to Adrian Steel.

Commercial Vehicle Trends

  • More flexibility – Take a look at Ford’s newest van model: the 2015 Transit. When the Transit was released last year, it was available in a whopping 58 configurations. Today’s van customers demand customizable options. They want to be able to get a commercial vehicle that is tailored specifically for their needs. By offering various models, roof heights, wheelbase lengths, and interior options, for the Transit, Ford sparked the demand for more flexibility. We can expect this need for customization to grow over 2015.
  • Increased efficiency – One indisputable commercial vehicle trend is the rise is van efficiency. New vehicles get better fuel economy and often have more storage space and payload capacity. Consumers are getting more bang for their buck with newer vehicles, which is a major reason why new commercial vehicle sales are on the rise.
  • Decreased operating and maintenance costs – Fleet managers are under a lot of pressure to minimize vehicle operating and maintenance costs. Today’s commercial vehicles are being designed with this in mind. Vans are being built smarter, with lighter yet more durable materials. We can expect the 2016 lineup of new vehicles to continue to implement technologies that lower maintenance costs.
  • Higher demand for aftermarket van equipment – With the projected increase of new van sales comes an increased need for aftermarket van equipment and upfits. Many of the automakers are pushing upfit programs that allow customers to get their van upfitted at a discounted rate. Commercial vehicle upfit programs prove to be a great way to save both time and money when getting an upfitted new vehicle. Learn about Adrian Steel’s Upfit Assistance Programs.

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