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Want to keep your ladders inside your walk-in van and out of the elements?  If so, the Ladder Keeper is for you!

Our Ladder Keeper is convenient, easy to use, and made tough.  You can depend on the Ladder Keeper for safe, secure transportation of your ladders.

Easy to Use

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!  To remove your ladder from the internal ladder rack, just press the ladder inward.  This will release the rear ladder rung from the rear clamp bracket.

Next, guide the ladder back as the front clamp bracket glides on the track.

Last, remove the front ladder rung from the front clam bracket.  Now you’re ready to go!

Ladder Keeper Features

The Ladder Keeper is an internal ladder rack, designed to keep your ladders out of the elements.  Secure transportation is made simple with a gas spring to compress ladder rungs.  It’s easy to load and unload your ladder with our extruded track.  Plastic coated clamps protect the ladder rungs, making it safe for your ladder.

The Ladder Keeper can accommodate up to an 8 foot ladder in a 12 foot long walk-in van.  Need more track?  No problem!  With the optional LKX extension, you can get 4 foot of extra track.

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