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Adrian Steel’s LoadsRite Drop-Down Ladder Rack

Adrian Steel LoadsRite Ladder Rack for Securing Cargo

Searching for a better way to access your work ladders? Adrian Steel has the solution for you! LoadsRite drop-down ladder racks make loading and unloading bulky ladders a breeze.


Benefits of the LoadsRite Drop-Down Ladder Rack

Adrian Steel’s LoadsRite ladder racks are easy to raise and lower, which eliminates the need to climb, stretch, or reach for your ladder on the top of your van. The unique LoadsRite design presents the ladder in a diagonal position, which brings it down to a comfortable working height in the right way. LoadsRite is the right way to load and unload ladders.


LoadsRite Features


Aluminum:  The LoadsRite offers an aluminum bed frame, cast aluminum grab handle, stainless steel latch, and all stainless steel fasteners.  Aluminum is corrosion free, and lighter weight than steel, making the LoadsRite easy to use and maintain.


Door Access:  After you’ve unloaded your ladder, you’re able to leave the LoadsRite in the down position.  Even when in this position, the LoadsRite allows side and rear door access, so you can easily retrieve tools or equipment from your van.  When your job is done, it’s easy to load your ladder, because the rack is already in the down position.


Optional Padlock:  Need more security?  A padlock can be used to lock the ladder safely into place.


Smooth:  Make loading and unloading effortless with the hydraulic speed damper, which gently lowers the ladder bed.


Durable:  The LoadsRite can handle your day-to-day wear and tear, because it is covered with a Steel-Cote™ diamond-hard powder coat finish for quality.


Convenient:  It’s easy to operate the LoadsRite from the side of your van.  The ladder bed lowers, to present the ladder at a convenient position to you.


More Benefits

  • Plastisol clamps and plastic pads protect ladders from fiberglass-on-metal contact
  • Accommodates 16 foot to 32 foot extension ladders
  • Available in a single or double drop-down
  • LoadsRite comes with brackets to stow your handle inside the vehicle
  • Safety latch or optional padlock used for transportation
  • Anywhere the ladder touches the rack it is protected by plastic.  This greatly extends the life of your fiberglass ladder!

Available Models

Adrian Steel has several LoadsRite models for you to choose from, depending on your work van. Available models include:

Learn More: LoadsRite Videos


Have you found just the right LoadsRite ladder rack for your work van? It’s time to find a local Adrian Steel Distributor to help you find exactly what you need. Our distributors are located throughout the United States and Canada.


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