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ProMaster Ladder Racks

Ready to upgrade your ProMaster cargo van with a newly installed ladder rack? Adrian Steel is committed to providing you with the highest quality ladder racks for your van. Our professional grade ladder racks are highly durable, functional, long lasting, and safe.

Why Install a Ladder Rack?

The benefits to installing a ProMaster ladder rack include:

  • Increased Cargo Space
    Ladder racks increase the available space inside your work vehicle by giving you an alternative solution for storing your large, bulky ladders.
  • Secure Transport

With ladder racks, you have multiple points to which you can secure you ladder for safe transport.

  • Easier Loading and Unloading
    With an Adrian Steel installed ProMaster ladder rack, you can quickly and easily load and unload your ladder at your job sites in less time and with less hassle.
  • Secure Storage

Your work ladder is a vital piece of expensive equipment. Keep it safe and secure by transporting it in a ladder rack.

Available ProMaster Ladder Racks

Adrian Steel has several ProMaster ladder racks available for all of your ladder transport needs. Available models include:

  • 3 Bar Utility Rack
  • 2 Bar Utility Rack
  • Additional Crossbars

Promaster ladder rack Adrian SteelAll models are made of sturdy aluminum, which reduces corrosion by cutting down on welding.  All three also have fully plastisoled uprights that protect against wear and reduce ladder fatigue. Each model has a weather resistant cross bar and the uprights have several attachment points for securing cargo straps. All come equipped with the rear roller bar, which eases the loading and unloading of the rack. All designs are also available in our durable black or white powder coat paint and can include optional center bars that support shorter lengths and provide additional support.

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About Adrian Steel

We are the industry leader in providing cargo management solutions for commercial vehicles. Our goal is to optimize the value of your commercial vehicle by understanding the role of the vehicle in your business.  

Adrian Steel provides solutions for a range of vehicles from crossovers to cargo vans.  Our customers include those with one vehicle in their fleet to 50,000 vehicles in their fleet.  We have upfitted over 1 million vehicles in our 60 plus years in business and have leveraged our expertise in engineering our innovative product line.

Adrian Steel’s installation network provides options to get a vehicle upfitted regardless of where an individual needs to get them done: at the factory, out of dealer stock, at the place of business, or through a bailment pool. 

Adrian Steel’s strong reputation in cargo management solutions is only matched by our resolve to offer the industry’s best lead times and highest quality. Learn more at


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