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Service Professionals: Stay Safe While Working in the Cold this Winter

Electrician Working in the Cold

Tis the season to be… cold. Here in Michigan, we’re in the heart of winter and the cold weather can certainly take a toll on service professionals who regularly work outdoors. Working in the cold is not an ideal situation, and can even be dangerous if workers aren’t careful. As we head into some of the roughest weeks of winter, Adrian Steel wants to make sure that all of our service professionals stay safe! Below, we’ve listed out a few tips for safely working in the cold.


Tips for Safely Working in the Cold

Always monitor the weather conditions

If you’re focused on a job, it can be easy to forget how cold it actually is outside. If you have a smartphone, download an app that can alert you when the temperature drops to a dangerous level or when a winter storm is rolling in.


Avoid excessive sweating

When workers sweat through their clothing, the wet clothing becomes very cold. Wearing layers provides more insulation and allows you to shed layers when you begin to get warm. Consider wearing an under-layer made of special moisture-wicking material to pull the moisture away from your body and always carry an extra set of clothes to change into in case your clothing does get soaked-though.


Turn your work van into a mobile office

Avoid working in the cold by transforming your work van into an enclosed workspace! With an Adrian Steel upfit, you can work on a project in the comfort of your warm, comfortable van. Many van models can accommodate our innovative workbench modules that provide you with an organized workspace complete with a Masonite work top surface and plenty of storage space for your tools and parts. Browse all of Adrian Steel’s workbench options.


For more tips for working in the cold, visit the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety website.


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