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electrician cutting wires in a house | Electrician efficiency tips | Adrian Steel

If you’re an electrical contractor you know there is never enough time in the day to finish what needs to be done. Unfortunately, cloning yourself isn’t an option either – not yet anyway. But while you can’t add more hours to your day, you can make them more productive with just a few simple strategies. Follow these 5 easy electrician efficiency tips to help keep you organized, efficient, and your systems running smoothly.

Keep your vehicles well-organized

Beyond improving the professional appearance of your business, a well-organized vehicle will save your employees time because they won’t have to mount a full-scale search-and-recovery mission each time they need tools and supplies. It will help you keep tabs on your inventory; you’ll know when it’s time to restock and what you’ll need to order. You’ll also know what you should have in every vehicle, so security issues such as “disappearing” tools can be monitored and minimized. Where can you start? Check out our vocational upfit packages designed to maximize space and organization, and designed for all types of work vehicles.


Go digital with a telematics software

If you haven’t already, it’s time to go digital and invest in telematics software and a GPS tracking system. There are many reasons to invest in these types of systems apart from simply monitoring drivers. They’ll help you keep track of driving habits, fuel purchases and fuel economy, vehicle location, scheduled maintenance and renewals, and much more. There are a ton of these systems on the market – test drive a few to find one that works best for you.

Keep well-organized records

Keeping your fleet records organized is as important as keeping your vehicles organized. It takes ongoing commitment, but that commitment will pay off when you need it most – you’ll know exactly where to find the information you need when you need it, instead of scrambling around in a last-minute search. (If you need yet another reason to invest in a digital fleet management system, this would be it.) Keep at-a-glance notes handy for the information you frequently need.

Stay on track with calendar reminders

Set a calendar notice before scheduled maintenance. You can also remind yourself of registration, insurance, and inspection renewals. This is an easy, money-saving tip that will help you avoid late fees, not to mention potential expensive repairs if you routinely forget to schedule vehicle maintenance.

Keep open lines of communication with your contractors

Contract electricians are your eyes and ears on the road. Train them to be on the lookout for vehicle issues, and connect with them frequently to stay up-to-date on how their vehicle is running. You’ll also be able to notify them in advance of planned routine maintenance, so their schedule won’t be interrupted.

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