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Why You Need Adjustable Shelving for Your Cargo Trailer

Adjustable Shelving | Adrian Steel

Let’s face it:  you’re a busy professional, and you don’t have time to waste.  If you rely on your cargo trailer for work, you understand the need for organization.  Not only will getting organized save time, it’ll also create a more professional-looking workspace.

Get Organized

The key to organization:  Shelving.  You can create a fully organized cargo trailer in a short time with shelves.  Use shelves to store heavy tools or equipment.  When your items are neatly organized on shelves, they’re easier to locate, reach, and see at a glance.  This increases your efficiency, which makes you a better worker.

Not All Shelving is Created Equal

There is a multitude of shelving units for cargo trailers available to you.  But, as with everything else, you get what you pay for.  Purchasing a shelving unit that isn’t built properly, or won’t hold the amount of weight you need it to, is just a waste of your money.  Instead, invest in quality equipment that will last.

Why Adjustable Shelving?

If you haven’t already heard, Adrian Steel offers adjustable shelving for cargo trailers.  What this means is that you can actually adjust the shelves to your preference.  This is extremely helpful in a number of ways.

Your Shelves Are Flexible.  Now, your shelves will adjust as your business changes.  They’re versatile, and change as your needs change.  Instead of having to purchase new shelves when you make variations to the way you work, or tools you carry, all you have to do is adjust your shelves.

Your Shelves Are Made for You.  With adjustable shelving, you put the shelves where you want them, not where anyone else decides they should go.  Your preferences dictate how you adjust your shelves, so they’re exactly where you want!

Browse Adjustable Shelving

Here are a few of our adjustable shelves for cargo trailers:

HD KD Shelf Unit with Trailer Rail Kit:  Need shelves that will last?  Our HD (heavy-duty) series offer five fully adjustable shelves.  These 14” deep shelves feature a lip, to keep items from falling to the floor.  Extra strength is added with shelf gussets, end panel braces, and full floor-rail.

Adjustable Shelving and Work Bench:  This unit makes the most of the space in your trailer by combining shelves for storage on the bottom and a workbench on the top.  Add steel or composite drawers to them by inverting the shelves.  The b-leg design is made for trailers with in-bound wheel wells.  The shelves measure 24” deep by 48” wide.  The plywood work top is not included.

Browse all Adjustable Shelving for Cargo Trailers

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