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Adrian Steel storage for cargo trailers

Whether you’re using your cargo trailer to carry product literature, tools, supplies, or propane, finding the right storage solution to fit your needs can be a challenge. Fortunately, Adrian Steel has just what you need to keep your trailer organized and your cargo safe.

Product Literature Storage for Cargo Trailers

If you use your trailer to carry product literature such as catalogs, brochures, or paperwork, it can be especially difficult to keep it all neat and organized. Adrian Steel has the solution with these great file storage solutions for cargo trailers:

  • Six Shelf Catalog File

Designed for catalogs, the six shelf catalog file can also store many types of material between the 3” shelf spacings.

  • Four Slot Binder Holder

This holder has 2 ½” deep pockets and can be mounted to a partition or almost any other vertical surface.

  • Book Files

Our two and three book files are great for literature storage. The three book file can be

mounted on cabinet tops or the floor and come with retaining straps. The two book file has a hinged retaining strap and is recommended for mounting on the floor between the front seats and partition.

  • Utility Storage Box

This storage box comes with a hinged lid and can store anything from reference material to tools, safety glasses, and gloves.

  • Two Book File

The two book file is 6 ¼” wide, comes with hinged retaining strap, and is recommended for mounting on the floor between the front seats and partition.

  • Aluminum Lock Box

Perfect for storing valuable cargo such as invoices and payments, the aluminum lock box is made of aluminum and comes with a large lock on the front. Easily installed facing the out the van side door for convenient access, the lock box also comes with a large, safe lid and attached gas shock.

  • Three Shelf Catalog File

With three inclined shelves, this file is the ideal fit for narrow spaces.

  • Five Slot Literature Holder

Made to mount on almost any vertical surface, the five slot holder has 2 ½” deep pockets and is perfect for work orders.

  • Seven Slot Literature Holder

This holder has 6 ¾” deep pockets and mounts to almost any vertical surface. Great for large capacity work orders.

Tools, Supplies, and Propane Storage for Cargo Trailers

Cargo trailers are used in many different trades and industries, and Adrian Steel’s drawer and cabinet modules are as versatile as the tools and products our customers carry. By selecting one of our sturdy, secure storage kits, you can safely transport all of your equipment and tools.

  • KD Storage Unit w/Trailer Rail Kit

This storage unit comes with lockable wheel-house cover, divided shelf storage, and four small and two medium drawers.

  • Workbench Module w/Trailer Rail Kit

Equipped with a Masonite work top, this workbench module has a mix of small and medium drawer units.

  • CO2 Tank Cabinet

The TA19 Tank Cabinet provides vented storage for CO2 tanks and can hold one 20lb cylinder. All cabinets have full door gaskets with two snap latches for secure closure and the interior cabinet’s cradles and foam yokes secure tanks and prevent movement.

  • Door Cabinet Lockers

With two different types to fit your needs, the door cabinet locker is a great way to store your tools. The short door locker features a 33” high storage area with two removable shelves, reversible doors for opening flexibility, and locks for security. The full door cabinet locker comes with 46” high storage space, three removable shelves, and locked cabinets that taper from 14” to 12” to maximize aisle space.

  • Shelf Cabinets

Shelf cabinets come in standard and open side, and can be used either as free standing shelves or stacked in our lockable drawer units. Both come with removable adjustable shelves and optional foam liner kits.

  • Propane Tank Cabinet and Mapp Gas Cabinet

Perfect for vented storage of propane, Mapp gas, or C02 tanks, these cabinets feature full door gaskets with two snap latches for positive door closure.

  • Drawer Cabinet Modules

We have several models of drawer cabinet kits to choose from. Models feature everything from large lockable cabinets and drawers, adjustable shelves, parts trays, and open side compartments. Most modules come with trailer rail kits and can be viewed in detail at

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