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What is a van bulkhead

A Van Bulkhead is also referred to as a partition.  A bulkhead is a secure, snuggly-fitting partition.  It should be constructed to fit tightly against the bottom, sides, and top of the van.

The bulkhead is located behind the driver and passenger seats in a van, and separates them from the cargo area.  A van bulkhead is made from various materials, such as steel or wire.

A van bulkhead is rigid and very strong, and mirrors the interior of the van to fit securely.

Functions of a Van Bulkhead

One function of a bulkhead is to keep the driver and passenger safe.  Commercial vans often carry heavy equipment and tools in the cargo area.  Shifting cargo can be dangerous, but with a van bulkhead, you don’t have to worry!  Cargo can be kept in the proper area with a van bulkhead.  If a driver suddenly breaks or swerves, the equipment in the back of the commercial van is kept secure, and is separated from the driver and passengers. Serious injuries can result if cargo is not contained by a bulkhead.  Shifting equipment creates distractions, accidents, and an unsafe work environment.

Another purpose of a van bulkhead is to organize cargo in the back of the van.  Van bulkheads keep all work equipment and tools caged and secure in the rear of the commercial van.  Shifting equipment can create a mess, but with a bulkhead or partition, cargo is kept in the back of the van, resulting in a more organized ride.

It is very important that a bulkhead be included in your commercial van.  If you currently do not use a bulkhead, now is the time to reconsider!  A work vehicle that does not have a bulkhead is a dangerous situation.  If the van stops suddenly, or wrecks, cargo may be propelled to the front of the vehicle, resulting in serious injury to the driver or passengers.  For many service-oriented businesses, van bulkheads are a must.

Bulkheads for Your Vehicle

We offer bulkheads for several types of vehicles, all specific to those cargo vans.

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