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If you work out of a commercial GMC FSV, chances are you need to organize.  Organizing your work vehicle increase efficiency and keep your tools and equipment in place.  One way to organize is with accessories that can be mounted to your GMC FSV bulkhead.

Accessories for your GM Full Size Van bulkhead include:

  • Quiet Partition Door
  • Plexiglas Cover Panels
  • Files, Boxes, and Holders
  • Safety Organization
  • Hook Bars
  • Freon Tank Holders

The Quiet Partition Door Kit reduces noise in the cab of your van with a bulb seal.  Another great feature of this product is that it creates a hinged door on any standard bulkhead.  It includes a key-locking slam latch, two hinges, and a bulb seal.

Another great accessory for your bulkhead is the Plexiglas Cover Panels.  They are available for the M series, C2 series, and S series bulkhead panels.  This is a transparent Plexiglas panel that covers the perforated bulkhead panels. It helps with climate control yet still retains visibility.

Files, Boxes, and Holders are amazing tools for organizing your work van.

A Two Book File can be mounted between the front seats and bulkhead.  It’s a great storage area for folders (up to 12” x 10.5”) and includes a hinged restraining strap.

The Practice Holder can also be mounted on your van bulkhead, and is perfect for forms, manuals, or papers.  It measures 12” x 7” x 5”.

Another bulkhead accessory that makes organizing easy is the Cab File Box.  It can be mounted to the bulkhead for more storage area.  The file box is lidded, with a latch.

When at a work site, it’s important to be prepared for emergencies.   Adrian Steel offers a variety of organizational tools for your safety equipment.

Our Triangle Reflector Flare Kit comes with a metal pocket holder and can be mounted to your van bulkhead for easy access in case of an emergency.  A Triangle Reflector Kit is now required by law in all commercial vehicles.

Another necessity for commercial vehicles is the Rechargeable Fire Extinguisher.  The fire extinguisher is rechargeable and weighs 2.5 lbs.  It stops Class A, B, and C fires.  This includes a charge gauge and mounting bracket for simple placement on your van bulkhead.

Make sure you include Adrian Steel’s First Aid Tray Box, which is ideal for your First Aid kit.  The tray secures the box to your bulkhead.  It measures 9” x 3.5” x 3”.

Secure your refrigerant tanks with our Freon Tank Holders.  We offer holders for 30 lb. tanks or 50 lb. tanks.  The holders attach to your bulkhead to keep the tanks secure.

Adrian Steel also offers a Four Hook Bar, which is very useful to hang equipment or tools, and makes great use of space.  Four welded hooks are attached to a 2” x 12” bar and can be mounted to your van bulkhead.

Remember, these are accessories for your GM Full Size Van Bulkhead.  Adrian Steel offers a wide variety of bulkhead accessories for cargo vans.  We offer accessories for the following:

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