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Partition Accessories | Adrian SteelA partition, or bulkhead, is an important piece of a cargo van upfit, and it comes with many benefits for business owners and service professionals. Not only does a partition keep passengers safe, and improve climate control, but it also helps to keep the van organized.

Adrian Steel Partition Accessories

Maximize the space in your cargo van by adding partition accessories. Learn about partition accessories available from Adrian Steel.

  • Quiet Partition Door Kit – Convert a standard, solid partition into a hinged door for easy access between the cab and cargo area. The Quiet Partition Door Kit comes with a key-locking slam latch, two door hinges, and a durable bulb seal for noise reduction.
  • Hook Bars – Hook bars can be attached to any vertical surface in your work van to increase organized storage space. Measuring 2” x 12”, the Four Hook Bar is ideal for storing cords, wires, and can even double as a coat rack when needed.
  • Plexiglass Cover Panel – Take climate control to the next level by adding a Plexiglass Cover Panel to your perforated partition panels. The plexiglass seals off air flow, yet still allows for rear visibility.
  • Storage – There are several partition accessories available that are designed to increase storage capabilities, including a Two Book File, Practice Holder, Cab File Box, and First Aid Box Tray. All accessories can be easily mounted to an Adrian Steel partition.
  • Tank Holder – Secure your Freon tanks during transportation with the 30lb or 50lb Freon Tank Holder.
  • Flare Kit & Fire Extinguisher – Put safety first by mounting a flare kit and fire extinguisher to your steel partition.

Contact Adrian Steel

Learn more about partitions and partition accessories on the Adrian Steel website. Questions can be directed to (800) 677-2726 or If you’re ready to get your vehicle upfitted, find an Adrian Steel distributor near you.



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