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Cargo van bulkheads are an integral part of upfitting your work vehicle.  Bulkheads are very useful for many small business owners, and can make your work van much more efficient and organized.

What is a partition?

A bulkhead (or partition) is positioned at the front of a work van, behind the seats.  It is a wall-like structure, made from various materials such as wire or steel.

Why do I need a partition in my cargo van?

A bulkheads is a safety feature, as well as an organizational tool.  A bulkhead creates a separation between the driver and the cargo, protecting the driver from shifting cargo.  It keeps your work tools in the back of your van, ensuring your safety as you drive from one job site to another.

What types of partitions are there?

At Adrian Steel, we offer an enormous selection of bulkheads, for all different types of vehicles.

The vehicles we offer bulkheads for include:

For each vehicle, Adrian Steel offers a variety of excellent bulkheads.  Each bulkhead is designed for a specific vehicle, ensuring the correct fit.

How do I choose the correct cargo van bulkhead?

With our selection of cargo van bulkheads, it may seem a bit daunting to choose the correct partition for your business vehicle.

First, sort our bulkheads by vehicle.  Each of the above vehicles are slightly different, with different uses and design features.  Our bulkheads are created for each vehicle specifically, and offer a ton of choice so you get exactly what you want.

It is best to determine which features are most important to you when choosing a cargo van partition.  Check out our quick checklist of features to find your perfect cargo van bulkhead:

  • Pass through access:  Choose between a solid bulkhead or one with a locking, hinged door.
  • Visibility:  Choose which panels you would like to be perforated for added visibility. Wire bulkheads offer the most visibility and are available for some vehicles.
  • Driver Comfort:  Choose the extended wing kit for 3” of extra leg room in the cab (reduces cargo area.)
  • Organization:  Choose from a variety of accessories that mount directly on the bulkhead for easy access

Browse to find the right bulkhead for your cargo van.  Contact your local distributor to learn what will fit your specific vehicle, pricing and professional installation.

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