Introducing the New Grip Lock Ladder Rack from Adrian Steel

Constructed of DURABLE, corrosion-resistant aluminum, Adrian Steel ladder racks are designed to work easily with a wide range of ladders. Designed with YOU in mind.

Our ladder racks work all day, every day – just like on day one.

Can You Afford to Lose Part of Your Workforce Due to Injury?

The Grip Lock Ladder Rack stores your ladder 4-6 inches lower than our competitors because of our unique tilt angle design. That means you or your technicians can avoid over-reaching, straining and climbing when loading and unloading ladders—decreasing the risk of injury and downtime! But that’s not the only benefit…

More people can safely operate our Grip Lock Ladder Rack.

Average height people (5’7” or taller) can load and unload their ladder safely with both feet firmly on the ground using the Grip Lock ladder rack. Avoid slips, trips, and falls that may occur by climbing to reach your ladder!

Decrease downtime and reduce the risk of injury.

Designed so that you never have to lift the entire weight of the ladder onto the rack again, the Grip Lock ladder rack eliminates straining and over-reaching, which over time can cause injury.

A rack that reaches top performance every time.

Our most durable and corrosion-resistant clamping ladder rack ever! Tested under extreme real-world conditions like cycle testing and corrosion testing, you can expect them to work every day just like day one.

Grip Lock Ladder Rack
  • Reachable 4-6 inches lower than other clamping ladder racks on the market!
  • Tightly secures ladders during transportation to reduce rattling and other driver distractions.
  • Designed with twist-to-adjust knobs to easily fit any ladder without tools.
  • Composite pads and brackets protect against ladder fatigue.

It’s Incredibly Easy to Operate the Grip Lock Ladder Rack

View our short how-to video and see for yourself how to operate the Grip Lock ladder rack with ease.

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