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Are you interested in upfitting your pickup truck, but don’t know where to start? If you’re a general contractor, security professional, or commercial repair technician, then you’re in luck! Adrian Steel has put together commercial truck trade packages designed specifically for your professional needs. And, if you’re not in these three specific industries, Adrian Steel has a storage shelf package that is sure to be a great starting point for any truck-owner’s upfitting needs.


adrian steel truck trade packages

Adrian Steel’s commercial truck trade packages help you turn your pickup into a mobile workshop. Shelving and drawer units in commercial truck trade packages are installed snuggly against the bed sides to make it easy for you to access your tools and equipment from the side and rear doors. Climbing into the bed of your truck every time you need something can be tiresome and time-consuming. With a commercial truck trade package, you can simply open up the windows of your truck cap, grab what you need, and go! Additionally, this setup allows for more center aisle space within the truck bed.


Truck Trade Packages


General Contractor Package for 6′-8′ Pickup Bed – Easily access drawers from the outside of your truck.

Security/Alarm Package for 6′-8′ Pickup Bed – Keep your frequently used tools and equipment safe and secure in special side compartments.

Commercial Repair Package for 8′ Pickup Bed – Store your parts in easily accessible shelving, drawers, and cabinets.

Storage Shelf Package for 7′-8′ Pickup Bed – A great base package to get professionals in any industry started. Add drawers, cabinets, and other accessories to customize your upfit exactly how you want it.

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