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Avoid These Causes of Distracted Driving

Everyone knows that driving while distracted is not a safe practice, yet it still occurs every single day. As a fleet driver, you spend a lot of time behind the wheel of your work van and you may need to take your eyes off the road every once in a while. It may not seem like a big deal at the time, but you can get in an accident during those few milliseconds that you’re distracted and potentially harm yourself and others.


Adrian Steel manufactures hundreds of products to keep your cargo safe and secure, but we want to make sure that you’re safe on the road as well. To help you understand the driving forces behind auto accidents, we’ve compiled a list of common causes of distracted driving. Avoid these distractions to stay safe while on-the-job and beyond.


Top Causes of Distracted Driving

Cell Phone Use

Man driving with cell phone | Top Causes of Distracted Driving | Adrian Steel

According to the National Safety Council, 1 in 4 auto crashes can be tied back to cell phone use. That’s a lot of accidents that could be avoided if drivers would just leave their phones in pockets while driving. Many employers are now implementing cell phone policies to help protect their fleet drivers on the road. Even if your company doesn’t have a cell phone policy, avoid interacting with your phone in any way while driving and keep your eyes on the road at all times.


Wearable Technologies

While certainly cool and convenient, wearable technologies like smart watches, Google glasses, and wearable cameras, can cause more harm than good when behind the wheel. According to Mike Antich, Editor of Automotive Fleet, “These devices promise, at least initially, to amplify the risk of distracted driving by diverting a driver’s attention to information, which, although important to the driver, is irrelevant to the act of driving.” Don’t let these wearable technologies steal your attention when driving, even if that means turning them off or putting them out of site.


Disorganized Van

Imagine you’re running late for a customer appointment. As you’re on your way to his or her home, you frantically scan your brain to remember where you put the customer’s project proposal. You may even file through the papers on the passenger seat while you’re driving. Any time your mind is on anything other than driving safely, your risk of getting in an accident increases. Avoid being distracted by your messy van by investing in an Adrian Steel upfit. Our cargo management solutions are designed to keep your tools, equipment, paperwork, and more organized so that you know exactly where something is when you need it.


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