How to Promote Your Service Business Using Your Work Van

Stand Out with an Adrian Steel Vehicle WrapWhether you’re the owner of an HVAC business, or are a local locksmith or electrician, it’s important to know how to successfully promote your business in a cost-effective way. The good news is that the work van you drive every day can be a great marketing tool! This blog will help you understand how to promote your service business with your work van, and beyond.


Vehicle Wrap

With a custom designed vehicle wrap, you can transform your work van into a highly economical advertising outlet. The cost per impression of fleet graphics is a mere $0.90, which compared to a TV spot, with a cost per impression of $16.25, is quite a deal! Here’s how to get the most bang for your buck:


Give people something to talk about – A creative vehicle wrap will not only catch the attention of potential clients, but it may also give them something to talk about! Take a look at some of these creative vehicle wraps to spark your imagination!


Be involved! – Whether you join a local business organization for networking purposes or get involved with a charitable cause, be sure that your van is your mode of transportation! When a potential client sees your van out and about in the community, it will help to build brand recognition. The next time he or she needs the services you provide, they will likely remember seeing your van all over town!

Learn more about Adrian Steel’s Commercial Curb Appeal Program.


Don’ Forget!

While a vehicle wrap can definitely help to promote you service business, you shouldn’t stop there! Here are a few additional ways to promote your service business:

  • Encourage happy clients to leave reviews online
  • Ensure that your website is up-to-date and includes easy-to-find, relevant information for viewers
  • Don’t stop your current marketing efforts! So long as you’re seeing a positive return on investment, continue doing what works!

About Adrian Steel

For more than 60 years, Adrian Steel has manufactured the highest quality cargo management solutions. In addition to vehicle wraps, Adrian Steel also produces innovative ladder racks, durable toolboxes, heavy-duty shelving, and vocational upfit packages. To learn more about Adrian Steel’s products, give us a call at (800) 677-2726 or send us an email at To get Adrian Steel products installed in your work van or truck, contact one of our local distributors.


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Ordering Upfits through Adrian Steel Distributors

If you’re interested in learning more about an Adrian Steel upfit, ladder rack, or other cargo management solution, you’ve come to the right place! Here, you can browse all of our products, learn more about what we have to offer, and read about our company. If you like what you see, we invite you to reach out to a trusted distributor near you. All of our products are ordered and installed by Adrian Steel distributors across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.


How it Works

To order Adrian Steel products for your van or truck, first find a distributor near you through our distributor locator. Trained and certified sales professionals and installation technicians will then meet with you to discuss your cargo management needs. You can trust our on-site, local distributors to help you through the upfitting process with your best interest in mind.


Speedy Turnaround Time

When you order an Adrian Steel upfit or other product through a distributor, your order will be ready before you know it! Our distributors stock our products and have a short turnaround time frame for your vehicle. Adrian Steel is known for its ability to maximize efficiency.


Guaranteed Warranty

If your products are installed by an authorized Adrian Steel distributor, they are covered by our three year or 36,000 mile warranty. However, Adrian Steel’s products are so reliable, that our warranty claims are less than 1% of sales!


About Adrian Steel

Adrian Steel is a leading manufacturer of innovative cargo management solutions including ladder racks, upfits, shelving, and more for commercial vans and trucks. Established in 1953 in Adrian, Michigan, Adrian Steel is committed to producing the most durable and reliable products on the market. To learn more, contact our headquarters at (800) 677-2726 or


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Before You Buy a Cargo Van Ladder Rack

Adrian Steel Cargo Van Ladder Rack

If you’re in the market for a ladder rack for your cargo van, there are likely some important considerations that need to be made before you make a purchase. To help you along the researching process, we’ve put together some important things to think about before you buy a cargo van ladder rack.

  • Ladder Type – What type of ladder do you carry on the job? If you carry a wood ladder, it will likely be much heavier than an aluminum ladder. The weight of your ladder will help to determine whether or not you need an ergonomically-designed cargo van ladder rack. Additionally, a tall ladder will require a different sized ladder rack than a short one.
  • Van Roof Height – If you drive a high roof cargo van, you’re going to have quite a hard time reaching the ladder on the roof without assistance. Take into account the roof height of your vehicle to help you decide which type of ladder rack is best.
  • Ladder Use – Some professionals use their ladder on a daily basis while others really use it only on occasion. If you’re constantly loading and unloading your ladder from your van, you may want to think about getting a more ergonomically-designed ladder rack that makes the process as quick and easy as possible.
  • Safety – Safety should be a number one priority to think about when researching a cargo van ladder rack. Whether you’re purchasing a ladder rack for yourself or your employees, you should be sure that it has undergone thorough testing for safety. The last thing you want is to deal with a lawsuit, or even worse, a serious injury.
  • Cost – To help determine your budget, think about what’s most important to you in a ladder rack. If you want an ergonomically designed ladder rack that is built with long lasting, high quality materials, it will likely cost you more upfront. But, in the end, a better quality ladder rack may save you money from fixing and replacing it down the road. Decide what your priorities are and make your decision from there.

About Adrian Steel

Adrian Steel manufactures some of the highest quality and reliable ladder racks on the market. Additional products include shelving, partitions, drawers, and complete vocational packages. If you need assistance in choosing the best cargo van ladder rack for your job, contact Adrian Steel today at (800) 677-2726, or send us an email at


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Winter Vehicle Maintenance Tips for Your Work Van

Snowplow | Winter Vehicle Maintenance TipsMany states across the country have already seen significant snowfall this winter and everyone knows that the snow, ice, and salt can take a toll on all vehicles on the road. Make sure that your work van or truck is prepared for the rough weather to come with these winter vehicle maintenance tips from Adrian Steel.

  • If you own an Adrian Steel LoadsRite or EZ Load ladder rack, make sure that the slides are completely clear of ice and snow. When these winter elements get lodged into the mechanisms, it can cause the ladder rack to stick, and potentially rust over time if not taken care of. Also be sure that the shock is working properly before the winter months roll around.
  • Stock up on windshield washer fluid and replace wiper blades if necessary. You don’t want to get stuck in a snowstorm and not be able to see where you’re going!
  • If your truck or van doesn’t already have heavy duty floor mats in the cab, consider using them in the winter to keep the floorboards clean from melted snow and mud.
  • Check your tire tread. If it’s below 1/16 of an inch, then it’s time to invest in a new set of tires to keep you safe this winter. If you live in a high snowfall area, you may consider switching over to snow tires or attaching tire chains, especially if you drive a truck.
  • Get your van or truck washed frequently. The salt used to melt ice on the roads can wreak havoc on your vehicle’s paint and metal frame. Be sure to clean the undercarriage regularly to remove the rust-causing salt. Once clean, wax and seal your van or truck to help to protect your vehicle from future damage.
  • Keep your gas tank full. In the winter, you rely on your engine for more than just running your vehicle; it provides heat to keep you warm as well. You don’t want to get stuck in a ditch in negative degree weather and run out of gas. You can’t predict when a tow truck will arrive, and you don’t want to risk being trapped without heat.
  • Always be prepared with an emergency kit on hand. Keep a shovel, blanket, hand warmers, bottled water, jumper cables, and other useful items that can help keep you safe if you get stranded in the cold.

About Adrian Steel

Adrian Steel Company is a manufacturer of cargo management solutions for cargo vans, work trucks, and more. Popular products include ladder racks, shelving, storage units, and vocational packages designed to make the storage and organization of tools and equipment easier for professionals.


Contact Adrian Steel today to learn more about our company and products.


Phone: (800) 677-2726




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Avoid These Causes of Distracted Driving

Everyone knows that driving while distracted is not a safe practice, yet it still occurs every single day. As a fleet driver, you spend a lot of time behind the wheel of your work van and you may need to take your eyes off the road every once in a while. It may not seem like a big deal at the time, but you can get in an accident during those few milliseconds that you’re distracted and potentially harm yourself and others.


Adrian Steel manufactures hundreds of products to keep your cargo safe and secure, but we want to make sure that you’re safe on the road as well. To help you understand the driving forces behind auto accidents, we’ve compiled a list of common causes of distracted driving. Avoid these distractions to stay safe while on-the-job and beyond.


Cell Phone Use

Man driving with cell phone

According to the National Safety Council, 1 in 4 auto crashes can be tied back to cell phone use. That’s a lot of accidents that could be avoided if drivers would just leave their phones in pockets while driving. Many employers are now implementing cell phone policies to help protect their fleet drivers on the road. Even if your company doesn’t have a cell phone policy, avoid interacting with your phone in any way while driving and keep your eyes on the road at all times.


Wearable Technologies

While certainly cool and convenient, wearable technologies like smart watches, Google glasses, and wearable cameras, can cause more harm than good when behind the wheel. According to Mike Antich, Editor of Automotive Fleet, “These devices promise, at least initially, to amplify the risk of distracted driving by diverting a driver’s attention to information, which, although important to the driver, is irrelevant to the act of driving.” Don’t let these wearable technologies steal your attention when driving, even if that means turning them off or putting them out of site.


Disorganized Van

Imagine you’re running late for a customer appointment. As you’re on your way to his or her home, you frantically scan your brain to remember where you put the customer’s project proposal. You may even file through the papers on the passenger seat while you’re driving. Any time your mind is on anything other than driving safely, your risk of getting in an accident increases. Avoid being distracted by your messy van by investing in an Adrian Steel upfit. Our cargo management solutions are designed to keep your tools, equipment, paperwork, and more organized so that you know exactly where something is when you need it.


About Adrian Steel

Adrian Steel manufactures innovative cargo management solutions including ladder racks, shelving units, partitions, filing cabinets, and more. Constructed of the highest quality materials, Adrian Steel’s upfit products are sure to improve the organization and efficiency within your work van. To learn more about Adrian Steel, call (517) 265-6194 or email All Adrian Steel products are available through an extensive distributor network. View all distributers to find one near you!


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Adrian Steel to Attend Construct Canada

Construction Worker Climbs LadderLater this week, on December 3-5, Adrian Steel will head to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre for the 26th Annual Construct Canada. Construct Canada, along with PM Expo, HomeBuilder & Renovator Expo and Concrete Canada will make up The Buildings Show, the largest exposition in North America.


If you’re attending the convention, stop by and learn more about Adrian Steel at Booth #3022! We will showcase our upfit packages and cargo storage solutions designed for construction professionals. If you can’t make it to Construct Canada this year, here’s a look at what Adrian Steel has to offer.


Adrian Steel offers a variety of products to make storage and organization of your tools and equipment in your work van more efficient. As a construction professional, you likely rely quite heavily on your ladder on a daily basis. Adrian Steel manufactures the most innovative and reliable ladder racks on the market, which is one of our most popular products among construction professionals.


Our LoadsRite Drop-Down Ladder Rack positions the ladder diagonally to allow you to easily raise and lower it to a comfortable height. The LoadsRite rack is designed specifically to reduce back strain for professionals who use their ladder(s) on a regular basis. The EZ Load Ladder Rack also makes loading and unloading ladders easier by lowering the ladder six inches towards you. If you’re looking for a reliable ladder rack that will prevent your ladder from shifting during transportation, the Grip-Lock ladder rack is a great option.


We also offer several vocational upfit packages for General Contractors, Builders, and Remodelers. Adrian Steel took note of common needs construction professionals have on-the-job to craft an upfit that will exceed all of your expectations. Packages often include a partition, shelving, drawers, and more to help you stay organized at a worksite and keep your tools secure during transportation.


About Adrian Steel

Adrian Steel is a manufacturer of high quality cargo management solutions, based in Adrian, Michigan. Popular products include ladder racks, partitions, shelving, and vocational packages. All of Adrian Steel’s products are available through the company’s extensive network of distributors across the United States and Canada. To learn more about Adrian Steel’s products, visit the website, call (800) 677-2726, or email


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Work Van Accessories to Increase Efficiency

Adrian Steel is known for its durable upfit packages which often include larger products such as bulkheads, shelving, storage units, and ladder racks. These packages are proven to increase organization, efficiency, and professionalism on the job, but did you know that smaller accessories can have a big benefit for your business as well? When designing a new product, Adrian Steel innovators pay attention to the details. Over the years, they’ve learned that many work van owners require special storage for extra small and large items. Take a look at some of the work van accessories that Adrian Steel offers to help accommodate for the odd-sized items in your vehicle.

  • Adrian Steel Blue Bin Work Van AccessoriesBin Systems – Blue plastic bins can be added to any Adrian Steel shelving unit. These convenient bins optimize the shelf space in your work van by creating designated areas for smaller parts and tools. Constructed of durable molded polypropylene, blue bins can easily be removed from the shelf and stacked upon each other to take with you to a worksite. By utilizing the label holders, you can quickly and efficiently find exactly the parts you’re looking for.
  • Door Tray – Maximize all potential storage space with the versatile door storage tray. This accessory can be mounted to doors, end panels, partitions, and virtually any vertical surface in your work van. The door tray is the perfect place to store your regularly used tools and aerosol cans for quick and convenient access.
  • Long Part Storage Kit – Adrian Steel understands that transporting extra-long cargo such as conduit or pipe safely can be a bit of a challenge. The long part storage kit for full sized Nissan vans includes a modified middle partition panel with 13 ¾” wide by 5 ¾” high opening. Tie-downs and a tray in the back help to secure the long cargo and protect the rear doors.
  • Parts Tray – Similar to the bin system, parts trays help to separate small parts and keep everything organized. With a 2” deep shelf lip, parts trays work best within drawer or cabinet modules, but can be mounted to virtually any horizontal surface in your work van.

About Adrian Steel

In business for more than 60 years, Adrian Steel is a leader in the upfitting industry. In addition to the company’s high quality storage solutions and ergonomically designed ladder racks, Adrian Steel also offers a variety of work van accessories to increase efficiency on-the-job. View more Adrian Steel work van accessories.


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Importance of Securing Cargo

Adrian Steel LoadsRite Ladder Rack for Securing CargoWhen you hear about securing cargo, you may think of large semi-trucks or freight shipping. But did you know that as a driver of a commercial van or truck that you need to be aware of the importance of securing cargo as well? According to Business Fleet, “A 20-pound object traveling at 55 mph hits with the force of 1,000 pounds at the time of impact.” If you’re carrying cargo, whether it’s tools, equipment, or project materials, be sure it is properly secured for transportation to avoid causing harm to passengers and the equipment itself.


Adrian Steel’s upfits are manufactured with this in mind. The safety of our customers is one of our top priorities. While our products do provide storage and organization solutions for your equipment, they also help to keep cargo secure while on-the-go. Take a look at some of Adrian Steel’s best products for securing cargo.

  • Partitions – Partitions are a must when it comes to passenger safety. Made of steel or wire mesh, partitions create a barrier between the cargo in the back and the passengers in the cab. If, for example, you need to slam on the breaks, you don’t have to worry about the cargo flying up and harming anyone.
  • Ladder Racks – Adrian Steel’s ladder racks are designed for optimum usability and safety. Various models are available, including the Grip-Lock, which is especially ideal for customers who are concerned about their ladder shifting during transportation.
  • Lock ‘N Latch Drawers – These drawers are particularly useful for storing smaller cargo items like hand tools and parts. Like their name implies, Lock ‘N Latch drawers can be locked in an open, closed, locked closed position to ensure that whatever is stored in the drawers stays exactly where you want it.
  • Door Kits – To provide extra security for your cargo stored on shelves, you can easily add a door kit. Door kits allow you to convert an open shelf into a locking cabinet, which can help keep your equipment secure and out of sight!

Contact Adrian Steel Today

If you have questions about how to best store the cargo in your commercial van or truck, contact Adrian Steel today. We can work with you to craft a custom package designed especially for securing cargo. Give us a call at (517) 265-6194, send us an email at, or visit our website.



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Get Heavy Duty Metal Shelving and More from Adrian Steel

Heavy Duty Metal Shelving | Adrian SteelWhen you invest in an upfit for your work van, you want to make sure that you’re getting the best bang for your buck. While you could purchase a lower quality upfit and save a few dollars on-the-spot, there’s no guarantee how long it will last. If you have to constantly repair damaged equipment, the loss of time and money can really add up.


And that’s why Adrian Steel uses only the highest quality materials in its upfits and accessories. Here’s a look at some of the materials we use for our heavy duty metal shelving and other products.


Adrian Steel Materials

All of Adrian Steel’s products are Contractor Grade, meaning they’re built to stand up to the roughest, toughest conditions. Many of our customers utilize their upfit on a daily basis, usually multiple times a day. Your upfit needs to withstand years of daily wear and tear on top of accommodating for special equipment needs such as oversized cargo or strange shaped tools.

  • Heavy Duty Metal Shelving – Our shelving units are made with durable, high quality steel. Whether you’re interested in our ADseries shelving with stamped steel end panels and shelves, other adjustable shelving, or welded shelving, you can be sure that our heavy duty metal shelving will live up to your expectations. Adrian Steel partitions, drawer units and storage modules are constructed of the same heavy duty steel for a consistent look and feel.
  • Aluminum Toolboxes – An Adrian Steel Toolbox isn’t just any toolbox. The lid is constructed of .080” diamond tread aluminum with double channel reinforcement. Baskets are made from .063” aluminum and are reinforced with a “U”-channel edge to add structural strength to the box.
  • Plastic Bin Systems – Our plastic bin systems are a highly popular accessory add-on for our shelving units. Light and easily removable, the plastic blue bins can be used to store and transport small tools and parts to and from your vehicle.


About Adrian Steel

Adrian Steel was established in 1953 with the goal to produce reliable, innovative van and truck upfits and accessories. Today, Adrian Steel is an industry leader with its high quality products, such as heavy duty metal shelving. All Adrian Steel products are available through the company’s extensive network of distributors. Contact Adrian Steel today to learn more.

Phone: (800) 677-2726


Adrian Steel Website


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City Express Van Products Now Available!

Adrian Steel is excited to announce that Chevrolet City Express van products are now available for purchase and installation! The City Express is GM’s first smaller cargo van. Because of the vehicle’s compact size, it’s easier to maneuver around tight turns and gets better gas mileage than larger vans. The City Express is advertised as a “mobile office”, featuring 40/60 split doors for easy access to cargo and center console that allows you to work right from your vehicle.

Base Cargo Management Package for City Express

Adrian Steel’s City Express van products are designed to maximize the entire 122.7 cu. ft. of cargo space. We’re rolling out shelving, ladder racks, utility racks, partitions, and complete upfit packages to help you stay organized and efficient on the job. Here’s a look at some of Adrian Steel’s interior packages available for the City Express!

  • Base Packages – Adrian Steel offers a number of base packages for the City Express. Typically, a base package will include a shelving unit, rail kit, and a partition. All packages come with adjustable shelving to ensure maximum storage flexibility in your new City Express. Steel and wire mesh partitions are available to separate your cargo area from the cab. This barrier helps to keep your van more organized and provides a surface to attach accessories for more storage options. Like their name implies, base packages are a great starting point for a custom package for your City Express.
  • Vocational Packages – Professionals in different vocations have different storage needs when it comes to their work vans. Adrian Steel manufactures a variety of packages that are designed specifically for the needs of these professionals. Whether you’re a plumber, electrician, or telecommunications professional, or general service provider, Adrian Steel has an upfit for your City Express!

Keep a lookout for more City Express van products on the Adrian Steel website. All products are also compatible with the Nissan NV200.


About Adrian Steel

Located in Adrian, Michigan, Adrian Steel is a leading manufacturer of commercial vehicle upfits and accessories. Adrian Steel’s products are highlighted by innovation and are built with the highest quality materials. To learn more, contact Adrian Steel today:


Phone: (800) 677-2726


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