Don’t Miss Adrian Steel at the Work Truck Show!


The Work Truck Show 2015 | Adrian Steel

This week, Adrian Steel is in Indianapolis, Indiana for one of the biggest events of the year, the NTEA Work Truck Show. Attendees will have the opportunity to see complete Adrian Steel van upfits in action on the exhibitor floor at booth #1605.


On March 4-6, thousands of industry professionals, distributors, upfitters, fleet managers, and manufacturers will gather for three days of educational and professional development events. The Work Truck show is the largest work truck event in North America and features 500,000 square feet of exhibit space. Here, attendees can view the latest in vocational trucks and transportation equipment from the industry’s leading OEMs.


At the event, Adrian Steel, a leading manufacturer of commercial van and truck equipment, will showcase the company’s latest and greatest cargo management solutions. Products include adjustable van shelving, Lock ‘N Latch drawers, drop-down ladder racks, aluminum toolboxes, vocational upfit packages, and more! Whether you drive a brand new Ford Transit or an older model, Adrian Steel has the equipment to maximize the space in your work vehicle.


Last year, Adrian Steel’s exhibit was a hit at the Work Truck Show and this year, the show is expected to be even more exciting! View a video of Adrian Steel at the 2014 Work Truck Show.


Learn more about the 2015 Work Truck Show.


About Adrian Steel

Headquartered in Adrian, Michigan, Adrian Steel produces some of the industry’s highest quality upfit equipment for cargo vans, work trucks, and trailers. Adrian Steel was established in 1953 by Bob Westfall and throughout the years has continued to provide customers with innovative cargo management solutions. Interested in getting your vehicle upfitted? Find a distributor near you to get started today!


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Cargo Van Partition Accessories


Partition Accessories | Adrian SteelA partition, or bulkhead, is an important piece of a cargo van upfit, and it comes with many benefits for business owners and service professionals. Not only does a partition keep passengers safe, and improve climate control, but it also helps to keep the van organized.


Maximize the space in your cargo van by adding partition accessories. Learn about partition accessories available from Adrian Steel.

  • Quiet Partition Door Kit – Convert a standard, solid partition into a hinged door for easy access between the cab and cargo area. The Quiet Partition Door Kit comes with a key-locking slam latch, two door hinges, and a durable bulb seal for noise reduction.
  • Hook Bars – Hook bars can be attached to any vertical surface in your work van to increase organized storage space. Measuring 2” x 12”, the Four Hook Bar is ideal for storing cords, wires, and can even double as a coat rack when needed.
  • Plexiglass Cover Panel – Take climate control to the next level by adding a Plexiglass Cover Panel to your perforated partition panels. The plexiglass seals off air flow, yet still allows for rear visibility.
  • Storage – There are several partition accessories available that are designed to increase storage capabilities, including a Two Book File, Practice Holder, Cab File Box, and First Aid Box Tray. All accessories can be easily mounted to an Adrian Steel partition.
  • Tank Holder – Secure your Freon tanks during transportation with the 30lb or 50lb Freon Tank Holder.
  • Flare Kit & Fire Extinguisher – Put safety first by mounting a flare kit and fire extinguisher to your steel partition.

Contact Adrian Steel

Learn more about partitions and partition accessories on the Adrian Steel website. Questions can be directed to (800) 677-2726 or If you’re ready to get your vehicle upfitted, find an Adrian Steel distributor near you.


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Top Products for Mobile Workers

Mobile Worker Products | Adrian SteelIf you’re a plumber, electrician, general contractor, or any other service professional, you know what it’s like to constantly travel at work. These trades are some of the most mobile vocations to work in, and require a high level of flexibility among employees. Fortunately, there are a number of products available that make the job easier for mobile workers. Below, we’ve compiled six products designed for mobile workers who are always on-the-go.


  1. Heavy Duty Work Gloves – You should always have a good pair of work gloves on hand (no pun intended!). This pair from Mechanix features thermal plastic rubber knuckle guards, form-fitting spandex, and a full leather palm for durability and flexibility.
  2. Rugged Tablet – More and more mobile workers are relying on tablets to stay organized on-the-job. But, often times, a regular tablet doesn’t stand up to the rough conditions in the field. Rugged tablets, such as the Panasonic Toughpad, are a durable and practical solution for mobile workers.
  3. Multipurpose Watch – Take your tools with you wherever you go and look cool while doing so with the new Leatherman Tread watch! Not only does the watch feature a Swiss timepiece to keep you on time, but the band’s stainless steel links double as 25 different tools such as screwdriver heads, wrenches, and more. The Leatherman Tread is expected to be available in fall of 2015.
  4. Compact Multipurpose Tool – Good multipurpose tools are invaluable to mobile workers. The more you can condense your tools in your arsenal, the easier it is to transport them and keep them organized. The Ridged JobMax 3 Amp Multi-Tool Starter Kit is both compact and versatile, and is relevant to nearly every type of trade professional.
  5. Wireless Charging System – Charge your drill or driver wherever you are with a wireless charging system. Bosch’s wireless battery charging system is a new product available that proves to be very useful for mobile workers who don’t always have access to a nearby electric outlet.
  6. Don’t Forget Your Upfit! Of course, one of the most practical products for mobile workers is an upfit for your van or truck. Since you spend so much time in your vehicle, why not maximize its capabilities? An upfitted vehicle allows you to better organize your tools and keep them secure during transportation. Browse all of Adrian Steel’s vocational upfits.

Contact Adrian Steel Today!

Ready to transform your work van into a mobile workshop? Contact an Adrian Steel distributor today to find out which upfit is right for you and your vocation. Questions? Give us a call at (800) 677-2726 or send us an email at


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Van Feature: Nissan NV200 Compact Cargo Van

Nissan NV200 Upfit | Adrian SteelCompact cargo vans are a hot commodity in the commercial vehicle industry nowadays. Customers want more flexible vans with higher fuel economy, and the Nissan NV200 compact cargo van rises to the challenge.


Cargo Space: With 122 cubic feet of cargo space, flat wheel wells, and a low load floor height, the NV200 compact cargo van can accommodate a significant amount of cargo, without taking up a lot of space. 40/60 split rear cargo doors with 180 degree maximum opening range make loading and unloading cargo quick and efficient.


Driving: The van is ideal for navigating through tight city streets and features a 36.7ft turning diameter. And with a compact van comes great fuel economy. The NV200 boasts a combined fuel economy of 25 mpg.


Under the Hood: The NV200 may be smaller in size, but it packs a punch under the hood.  The van features a 2.0-liter DOHC 4-cylinder engine that delivers 139lb-ft of torque at 4,800 RPM and 131hp at 5,200 RPM.


Adrian Steel Upfits for the NV200 Compact Cargo Van

An Adrian Steel upfit will help you to maximize the cargo space in your NV200 and keep your van organized. Browse all of our NV200 compact cargo products:

  • Partitions – Separate the cab from the cargo area with a partition or bulkhead from Adrian Steel.
  • Shelving – Keep your valuable equipment off the floor with customizable shelving.
  • Trade Packages – If you work in a specialized trade, check out Adrian Steel’s vocational package to see if there’s one for you!
  • Ladder Racks – Securely store your ladder on the roof of your NV200 compact cargo van with a high quality ladder rack from Adrian Steel.
  • Accessories – Maximize your upfit’s potential with add-on accessories for your NV200.

To get your NV200 compact cargo upfitted with Adrian Steel’s high quality equipment, find a distributor near you today!


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Adrian Steel Upfits for Roofing Professionals

Roofing Professional Laying Shingles | Adrian SteelRoofing professionals use a lot of unique tools that often vary depending on the job. If you’re working on a metal roof, you’re going to need a different set of tools than if you’re working on a commercial roofing project. So how do you keep everything in order?


Adrian Steel has the equipment you need to keep your tools organized and your ladders secure during transportation. Whether you drive a pickup truck or a cargo van for work, Adrian Steel’s cargo management solutions will not disappoint! Take a look at some of our best selling products for roofing professionals:


Ladder Racks – As a roofing professional, you rely extremely heavily on your ladder for work, so keeping it safe and secure during transportation should be a priority. You should also take into consideration your safety when loading and unloading your ladder. Hauling your ladder from the roof of your vehicle to a job site every day can take a toll on your neck, shoulders, and back. Adrian Steel offers ladder racks that are ergonomically-designed to allow for safe and easy loading. Learn more about the ladder racks available at Adrian Steel.


Truck Toolboxes – You never know what challenges await you on the top of a building until you get up there, so you have to be prepared for anything. A truck toolbox from Adrian Steel allows you to store and organize all of your tools, parts, and equipment in the bed of your truck. Keep everything you need with you, wherever you go! Learn more about Adrian Steel’s Aluminum Toolboxes.


Cargo Van Storage – A majority of roofing professionals drive pickup trucks for work, but if you drive a van, Adrian Steel provides a wide variety of storage options for you. Adrian Steel offers shelving to help keep your equipment off the floor, or drawers to secure and organize your small parts. Partitions, work benches, storage modules, and more are available as well! View Adrian Steel cargo van storage options.


Find a Distributor near You

All Adrian Steel products and upfits are available through our extensive network of distributors located across the United States and Canada. Find a distributor near you to get started crafting the perfect upfit for your needs!


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Get Your Free Pass to The Work Truck Show from Adrian Steel!


It’s your lucky day! Adrian Steel has partnered with NTEA to offer a free pass to The Work Truck Show 2015. Download the PDF below, fill out the registration form, and fax it to (708) 344-4444. This pass will grant you free admission to the following events:

  • The Work Truck Show 2015 (March 4-6)
  • Green Truck Ride-and-Drive (March 4-6)
  • One concurrent educational session of your choice

Don’t miss this great opportunity to attend the largest work truck event of the year!


Download your Free Pass to The Work Truck Show 2015


The Work Truck Show Free Pass | Adrian Steel

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Truck Trend: Lightweighting


Truck in Snow | Adrian SteelIn 2012, the Obama Administration established a new set of fuel efficiency standards. In an effort to reduce dependence on foreign oil and greenhouse gas emissions, auto manufacturers have been tasked with the challenge of achieving 54.5 mpg fuel economy by model year 2025 for cars and light-duty trucks. For heavy-duty trucks and vans, manufacturers are required to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by 15% by model year 2018.


These deadlines are just around the corner, and in order to meet these standards, automakers have begun to make drastic changes in their manufacturing processes. One of the quickest and easiest ways to increase fuel efficiency is to reduce the vehicle weight. A lighter vehicle requires less energy to accelerate – According to, “A 10% reduction in vehicle weight can result in a 6%-8% fuel economy improvement.” Hence, a new trend has emerged among vehicle manufacturers: Lightweighting.


What is Lightweighting?

Lightweighting is the process in which automakers reduce the weight of a vehicle by using alternative materials in place of traditional steel and iron. Common lightweighting materials include:

  • Advanced high-strength steel (AHSS)
  • Magnesium alloys
  • Aluminum alloys
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Polymer composites

Swapping out steel and iron for these lighter materials doesn’t come without its downsides, though. According to the Steel Market Development Institute, these materials are expensive and ultimately, these expenses land in the laps of consumers. These alternative materials, with the exception of AHSS, can cost approximately 20-30% more than traditional materials. Most automakers have opted to use AHSS in new vehicles, as this is the most cost effective option for both the manufacturers and the consumers. When shopping for a new truck, the institute encourages consumers to keep this in mind.


About Adrian Steel

Adrian Steel strives to produce the most innovative aftermarket truck and van equipment in the industry. Popular products include interior van shelving, truck toolboxes, roof-mounted ladder racks, and more! Contact Adrian Steel today to learn more:

Phone: (800) 677-2726
Contact Us Online

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Create an On-Site Office with an Adrian Steel Van Upfit

Adrian Steel WorkbenchWhether you’re a plumber, general contractor, electrician, or any other type of service professional, you probably spend quite a bit of time in your work van. Sometimes you have back-to-back appointments and you simply don’t have time to stop at the home office to pick up the paperwork and necessary parts for the next job. Days like this are great for business, but can certainly be stressful. On your busiest days, you may need to pack up your work van with a whole day’s worth of equipment – and we know it can be difficult to remember to pack up everything you may need.


With Adrian Steel’s cargo management solutions, you don’t have to worry about forgetting something at the office, because our products allow you to transform your van into an on-site office! Take a look at some of our products that will help you stay organized and prepared for any job!

  • Storage for Paperwork – Adrian Steel has a number of products that make it easy for you to store and organize all of your client paperwork, catalogs, binders, and more right in your van! Full-size file drawers can be integrated into your upfit, literature holders can be mounted to any vertical space, and files can be added to your shelving.
  • Storage for Tools, Parts, and Equipment – Adrian Steel is known for its innovative van storage solutions. With an Adrian Steel upfit, you can securely store all of your tools and parts in your van, so you don’t have to worry about leaving something important at the office. Adrian Steel storage solutions include adjustable shelving, partitions, durable drawer units, storage modules, and more!
  • Workbenches – An on-site office isn’t complete without a place to work! Adrian Steel offers a variety of workbenches to suit your needs, no matter what trade you work in. Learn more about Adrian Steel’s workbenches.

To get started building your on-site office in your work van, find a trusted distributor in your area.


To learn more about Adrian Steel products that can help to transform your work van into an on-site office, contact us today!


Phone: (800) 677-2726


Contact Us Online


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A Look at 2015 Commercial Vehicle Trends

Commercial Vehicle Graphic | Adrian SteelIn 2014, total full-size van sales increased 11.4 percent and according to a report released by Fleet Owner, 2015 is expected to be a strong year for the commercial van industry. Light-vehicle sales are forecasted to exceed 17 million units over the next year.

So what does this mean for the commercial van industry? Take a look at the commercial vehicle trends for 2015, according to Adrian Steel.

  • More flexibility – Take a look at Ford’s newest van model: the 2015 Transit. When the Transit was released last year, it was available in a whopping 58 configurations. Today’s van customers demand customizable options. They want to be able to get a commercial vehicle that is tailored specifically for their needs. By offering various models, roof heights, wheelbase lengths, and interior options, for the Transit, Ford sparked the demand for more flexibility. We can expect this need for customization to grow over 2015.
  • Increased efficiency – One indisputable commercial vehicle trend is the rise is van efficiency. New vehicles get better fuel economy and often have more storage space and payload capacity. Consumers are getting more bang for their buck with newer vehicles, which is a major reason why new commercial vehicle sales are on the rise.
  • Decreased operating and maintenance costs – Fleet managers are under a lot of pressure to minimize vehicle operating and maintenance costs. Today’s commercial vehicles are being designed with this in mind. Vans are being built smarter, with lighter yet more durable materials. We can expect the 2016 lineup of new vehicles to continue to implement technologies that lower maintenance costs.
  • Higher demand for aftermarket van equipment – With the projected increase of new van sales comes an increased need for aftermarket van equipment and upfits. Many of the automakers are pushing upfit programs that allow customers to get their van upfitted at a discounted rate. Commercial vehicle upfit programs prove to be a great way to save both time and money when getting an upfitted new vehicle. Learn about Adrian Steel’s Upfit Assistance Programs.

Interested in upfitting your commercial vehicle this year? Visit the Adrian Steel website to learn more about all of our upfit solutions available, or contact us at (800) 677-2726 or

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Explore Your Van Roof Storage Options with Adrian Steel

Adrian Steel Utility Rack

Adrian Steel’s Utility Rack provides reliable van roof storage for cargo.

With Adrian Steel’s high quality cargo management solutions, you can keep you van interior organized and stay efficient on-the-job. But sometimes, no matter the size of your van, no matter how organized it is, you simply just don’t have enough room to store your long, bulky parts and equipment. And that’s why Adrian Steel offers a full line of van roof storage solutions. Here’s a look at some of the van roof storage products that we have available:

Perimeter Rack

Adrian Steel’s perimeter rack, called the VP1, is gutter mounted and wraps all the way around the roof of the vehicle. Constructed of 2”x1” 13-gauge square tubing, the rack includes rope hooks to ensure simple tie-down of cargo and a slanted rear section to make loading and unloading easier. Ideal for:

  • Transporting long parts, such as conduit, lumber, and more
  • A short term storage solution, as the perimeter rack requires no drilling

Available for full size vans.


Utility Rack

A utility rack features one or two bars that extend across the roof of the vehicle. The utility racks, called 1BRS or 2BRS, feature bars with stops on the ends and a weather resistant cross bar. Upright posts feature several attachment points for cargo straps and are fully plastisoled to protect your ladder or cargo from wear and tear. A center bar is also available to support shorter length cargo and add additional center support. Utility racks are available in black or white powder coat paint. Ideal for:

  • Storing ladders that are used on occasion
  • Transporting parts and equipment that may otherwise not fit in the interior of your van
  • A cost-effective van roof storage solution

Available for Ford and GM full size vans and cargo trailers.


Ladder Rack

Adrian Steel is known for its innovative and ergonomically designed ladder racks. Learn more about Adrian Steel’s ladder racks for cargo vans. Ideal for:

  • Transporting ladders of all sizes
  • Professionals who use their ladders on a regular basis
  • Lowering risk of injury when loading and unloading ladders
  • Vans of any roof height

Available for almost all van makes and models.


Contact Adrian Steel

To learn more about Adrian Steel’s van roof storage solutions, contact us today at (800) 677-2726 or If you’re interested in adding roof storage to your van, find an Adrian Steel distributor near you.

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