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Dual Sided Drop Down Ladder Rack

Dual Sided Drop Down Ladder Rack

Dual Sided Drop Down Ladder Rack
Part Number: DD63PMHEXT
Series: Drop Down
Vehicles: ProMaster High Roof Extended

Mechanically Load Ladders

Save time and energy by never lifting the whole weight of the ladder on or off of your vehicle again.

Ladder Protection and Security

Four clamp pads provide peace of mind that your ladders will remain secure during your commute. You can also add a padlock to protect your ladders from theft.

Corrosion Resistant

Made of aluminum and stainless steel, this ladder rack is built to withstand the elements over time.

Ladder Compatibility

Our standard Drop Down Ladder Rack will accommodate 16’-28’ extension ladders. Shorter ladders will need a step ladder kit add-on and longer ladders will need an extension add-on.

No Drill Installation

This ladder rack is easy to install, no drill required!

Drop Down Ladder Rack

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