Parcel Delivery Solution, ProMaster High Roof 159"

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Protect your people and drive higher profits with a complete upfit solution for your delivery vans.

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Sliding Partition

Easy open door with quicker access to packages. Reduces climbing in and out of the van by half. Barrier that helps protect the occupants from shiftingcargo during a sudden stop or accident.

Folding Shelves

Flexible storage for a variety of package sizes. Strong, lightweight aluminum shelves to maximize payload. Gas struts help you move the shelves up and down whlereducing rattle when in the down position. 20” deep with 2” lip and available in 36”, 48”, 60” and 72” lengths.

Steps (Rear & Side Doors)

Slip resistant platform for sure footing. Grated platform allows dirt and water to drain throughpreventing build-up. Safely enter/exit van with steps that reduces height toclimb in out of the van.

Grab Handles (Rear Doors)

Helps maintain balance when entering/exiting thevehicle. Reduces fatigue of climbing in and out of the vehicle. Point on contact in case of slip, trip or fall.

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ProMaster High Roof 159"