Locksmith Starter Package, Gray, NV High Roof

Transform Your Nissan NV into a Mobile Locksmith Shop!

• Workbench module provides 84 inches of workspace.
• Locking drawer units organize and secure small parts and tools.
• Six Shelf Catalog File organizes manuals and paperwork.
• Includes ergonomic Key Machine Base.
• Locking cabinets secure larger tools and equipment.
• Partition keeps your cargo securely in the back of your NV Cargo.
• Customize your package with hooks, safety equipment and other accessories.

Item Model              Description                                 Qty.
1 S1M2HC2FSV Partition with door kit 1
2 WKC1LCVH Partition Wing Kit 1
3 RKLCV Rail Kit 1
4 RKALCV Rail Kit Adapter 1
5 MD506 Drawer & Cabinet Module 1
6 MD608NH Workbench Module w/Key Machine Base 1
7 17A Six Shelf Literature File 1
8 TA1 Four Hook Bar (not shown) 1