Single Grip Lock Ladder Rack, Metris

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Built to fit the 126" Wheelbase Mercedes Metris

Finally, a ladder rack designed around you, not your vehicle.  Our new tilt angle design allows all technicians 5’7’’ or taller to load and unload ladders with ease. 

 Single Grip-Lock Ladder Rack for Mercedes Metris Vans. Aluminum construction with plastic and plastisol ladder contact surfaces to protect fiberglass ladders. This Rack can carry 28’ Extension Ladders: check your local regulations regarding rear overhanging loads. NOTE: Vehicle Roof Load Rating is 330 Lbs. Max.

To carry shorter ladders, the 1BMMGL step kit must be purchased independently.

59038 (Metris 135wb Roof Rail Adaptor Kit) This is required to mount the rack on a 135" wheel base metris.