Drop Down & Grip Lock Combo Ladder Rack

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Part List:

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DDLR61LCS Passenger Side Drop Down Kit, Multiple Vehicles 1
RRKFT130 Mounting Roof Rail Kit, Transit Low Roof 130", 148"     1
54628 Driver Side Grip Lock Kit, Multiple Vehicles 1

Product Features

This drop down, grip lock combo rack along with the roof cross-bow kit is designed to fit the Ford Transit, 130 and 148 wheel base.  The drop down will carry 20 to 28 foot extension ladders, and 10-12 foot step ladders. Step ladders shorter than 10’ require DDLRSLK2 step ladder kit. Step ladders wider than 26” at the base require the wide step ladder add on, part 57107. Ladders with extensive gussets or platform step ladders may not be compatible with the rack.

The cross-bow kit is secured to the Ford Transit by OEM supplied fastening points. 


Product Application

This drop down grip lock combo is designed to fit 2016 and newer Ford Transit, low roof vehicles.


Compatible Accessories

DDLRSLK2 - Adjustable Step Ladder Kit

GLSLKFSV - Step Ladder Kit

69-DDCS - Passenger Side Drop Down Ladder Rack Extension 

69-DDSS - Driver Side Drop Down Ladder Rack Extension 

80-1LR - Conduit Kit 

80-2LR - Conduit Kit

70-1LR - Conduit Kit w/ Round End Caps

70-2LR - Conduit Kit w/ Round End Caps

57107 – Wide Step Ladder Kit