Ceiling Ladder Holder, 8' Max, Gray, Transit, 148"

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Ladder Keeper

fits 148" WB Ford Transit, low, medium and high roof

Keep Ladders Inside the Van and Out of the Elements.

  • Designed to be loaded from outside the vehicle, the Ladder Keeper features a spring-loaded clamp that holds the ladder securely in place.

  • Just set the top of the ladder in the front clamp bracket and push it forward until the bottom of the ladder sits in the rear clamp bracket. it allows quick and easy access to your ladder from outside of your vehicle.

  • Eliminate the outside wear and tear on your ladder; protect your ladder from the elements, theft, and road grime.

  • Customers will appreciate your use of clean, well taken care of equipment rather than bringing the outside mess into their home.

  • LK8FT148 fits 148” WB Transit, Low, Medium and High roof, and can carry up to a 8 ft. ladder. (Does not fit 148EXT WB.)