Dual-Sided Grip Lock Ladder Rack, Transit Connect, 120"

Double Grip-Lock Ladder Rack

fits 2014-on Transit Connect Long Wheelbase


  • ­Heavy-Duty actuating arm firmly grips ladder rungs to prevent shifting of ladder on rack.
  • ­Gripping mechanism is lockable.
  • Composite extrusions on front and rear crossbows and uprights protect ladders.
  • Rung grips easily adjust to accommodate different types of ladders.
  • Features an all aluminum design with a natural aluminum finish.
  • ­There are no straps to deal with, clamping of ladder is automatic.
  • ­­Accommodates 24 ft. extension ladder on the SWB and a 28 ft.* extension ladder on the LWB.
  • Can accommodate shorter ladders with the 1BTCGL14 step kit.

*Note: This rack can accommodate 28 ft. extension ladders with the extra length extending off the rear of the vehicle for balance. Check with local regulations regarding rear overhang of loads.

This ladder rack is designed to mount to the factory attachment points. This rack is designed for and rated to carry up to 24’ extension ladders or 175 lbs for cargo van, 120 lbs for passenger van, evenly distributed on the rack. Be sure any load or ladder is properly secured to the rack prior to moving vehicle. It is not recommended to carry long ladders on the rear hatch version Transit Connect as the hatch will hit ladder when opened. Dual rear cargo doors are best if carrying long ladders. Load the ladder forward on the rack to clear the hatch. Not for use with panoramic roof or sunroofs.